I write poetry to improve my mental health, and to work through my feelings. Bellow is a series of collections of my poetry about my journey.

Phoenix Flesh


Raw streaming consciousness
Like uncooked meat
Unfit for consumption
My blood still dripping

But I like it that way
It is a piece of me
Tenderly cut & savagely ripped
Out of my head

Perhaps it was too much
Will it kill me?
Unlikely, I'm not dead yet
Let's keep ripping at the rotting flesh
Calving a new me

I have summited mountains

I have summited mountains & squeezed deep into caves.

Explored shipwrecks with little more than the air in my lungs and spent a week alone & tentless in a winter wilderness snowstorm.

Adventured places few humans have ever seen.

Push my physicals limits to 13 broken bones, including my back.

I have lived places you may find hard to believe really existed,

and built countless realities from actual dreams.

I taught myself to code younger than many hit puberty.

I was accepted into university before graduating highschool.

As an industry leader and drop-out, I was sent to circumnavigate the world. Twice before I was 25.

I have founded my own companies, communities and invented technologies.

I have created art displayed nationally in galleries, magazines and experienced globally by millions.

I've been on reality tv, documentaries and in the news more than I know of.

I am the first result on Google.

I have been awarded Forbes 30 under 30, Technical.ly's Inventor of the Year, JFFLabs Top Innovator to Watch

I build communities and technology to drive humanity forward.

I spend my life fighting for inclusion & compassion, just as my grandfather.

I am ambitious, driven, creative and inclusive.

I am Brennan Hatton.

You Sexy Little Fling

Rollercoasting two weeks.
A sexy fling.
Documented through poetry.
Love with some sting

Thrilling with passion.
Hot, exciting & raw.
Disappointingly, unexpectedly,
Ended. No more.

Thanks for the experience.
I hold no regrets.
I loved loving you.
You left me at my best.

Dream Diary

Wanted chicken
Chicken nuggets
Found a ceaser salad
Oh it has chicken nuggets in it.
Ew, somehow more disappointed
Wished it into chicken strips, still gross and cheap.
Tried again, it turned into a live chicken
It's made a nest out of the salad
It's name is Stewart
We are friends, I'm patting it
It enjoys the patts and I'm enjoying the patting
It's time for Stewart to go
Falling through nothing
Found a bat
Teleporting through space
He's being mean
His name is Marshall
He wants me to know he is not mean
His is just 1000years old and lost track of his moral code
His gone
He is back! He is singing
He is the son of the vampire king
He is actually just a little kid, a teenager
He is pretty funny and cool. I like him
He can summon skeletons
They are playing instraments and games
He asked where Stewart is.
I call for Stewart but he doesn't come
Marshell says Stewart has changed. The old Stewart would come.
He is worries for Stewart
I pass on a message to Stewart in private
He can't come.
Marshall says he feels like he is intruding and leaves.