Support the best people in the world

Mob in Australian Aboriginal English:

Regularly used to mean a group of people. Unlike broader English, it does not usually mean an indiscriminate crowd, but a cohesive group. My mob – my people, or extended family.

Everyone new person I meet is someone who could one day be my:

  • Best friend

  • Significant other

  • Co-Founder

  • A boss, colleague or employee

  • The person who finds my wallet

Who are my mob?

My mob is made up of

People who impact me

  • These are the people who I make an effort to keep in my life.

People who I impact

  • These are the people who make an effort to keep me in their life.

The best relationships are both, but each are important and deserving of energy.

I would like to start telling the stories of the wonderful people in my mob. I have started naming names in my professional life at People of Equal Reality. This is hard thing to do, as I want to include so many people but only have limited time and capacity - see cloning myself.

My favourite people

Staying in touch

At this point in my life I am in a perpetual state of travel with no end in sight. Just like meeting new people, parting ways is frequent and inevitable. It was chance that we met once, but the second time is more likely. Especially when we stack the odds.

Knowing your face and your name.

  • By knowing your face I can recognise you in the street.

  • By knowing your name I can recognise it when I hear it.

By being connected online.

  • By being connected online I can know where you are in the world.

  • By staying in touch online, we create excuses to see each other.

  • This also keeps your name and face in the front of my mind.

You can stack the odds by doing the same.

By me alone doing this, there chances we run into each other again is much higher. But together, it can be certain.