Chiang Mai, Thailand

In 2018 I spent 5 months living and remote working in Chiang Mai.


A google maps list of all my favorite places and comments on them,

Local food you must eat

  • Mango Sticky Rice - 50baht on the streets

  • Pad Thai - I think 60+baht

  • Kao Soy - I think 60+baht

Fruit that is incredible here - put them in a smoothy (30baht):

  • Mango

  • Pineapple

  • Dragon Fruit

  • Passion Fruit

  • Jackfruit

  • Mangosteen

Climbing & Caving

Chiang Mai has some of the best outdoor climbing I've done in my life. Sadly due to government politics the shut down in 2018, at the end of my time there. It is still shut down in 2019-09-01. I hope it will re-open soon. See the facebook group for updates.

Facebook group:


4G is cheap, fast and pretty reliable. I mostly worked from home or from a friends place.

Virtual Reality

VR Cafe is Chiang Mai's VR Arcade. Great for events, as I ran in the video to the side. - Amazing catering!

While I was in Chiang Mai, John Hubble. founder at ORB VR Labs rented me a desk at their office and let me use their hardware.

CMVR Chiang Mai VR Meetup fb group:


Facebook group:

The salsa community in Chiang Mai is one of the most welcome for beginners I have been a part of.

Check the facebook group above, but when I was there the dance nights were

Sunday 1 nimman - Free, Beginner friendly class and dance night.

Tuesday - 150 baht, Beginner friendly class and dance night.

Wednesday - 8 week course. ~2000baht

Thursday - Kizomba Dance night (I didnt go to this)

Friday - 150baht, Beginner friendly class and dance night.