Social Media

You are welcome to follow me on any social media.

If you want me to connect back with you, please reach out and introduce yourself.


These are my preferred social media platforms


Linkedin: Brennan Hatton

Youtube: Brennan Hatton

Discord: brennanhatton#8142


Instagram: @BrennanHatton


You can still reach me here

Twitter: @brennanhatton

WhatsApp: +61 416480996

WeChat: Brennan.Hatton

Line: BrennanHatton

Not as responsive

Platforms I dont use much

Steam: brennanhatton

Telegram: +61 416 480 996

Signal: +61 416 480 996

Snapchat: brennanhatton

Gravatar/Wordpress: @brennanhatton

No longer in use

Tumblr: (Have not used since 2013)

MySpace: BrennanHatton (No longer have access)