I am looking to collect research on misinformation

Particularly two types

  • Miss information on social media

  • Miss information which is easy proven wrong.

Miss information which is easy proven wrong.

Information that is easily proven incorrect, but somehow still gets traction.

These are things that can usually be dis-proven with a quick google.

Most of my exploration here has covered online, and I expect most of it will. I am also interested in other types of miss-information that matches the above description and their similarities.

Miss Information & Social Media

Viral miss-information that is designed to spread easy., and often dis-insentience fact checking.

I am collecting examples of miss-information here. If you have some or care to help me source them, please contact me

I am looking to

Understand the profiles of those manipulated.

  • Who are they?

  • What do they share in common?

  • How are they manipulated?

  • How are they reached?

  • Why does it effect them?

Understand the miss-information

  • Sources & Origins

  • Purposes

  • Common traits

  • Effects

What can be done about it?

  • What do you do when you see it?

  • How do you approach someone manipulated?

  • How to manipulated people?

  • What is effective?