"strangers are friends that we some day may meet"

My most valued relationships

What is a relationship?

To me, it is to have some kind of connection. It could simply being knowing each others names, faces, or sharing a profound journey.

I have a relationship with everyone I know. If I know your name or your know my name, you are my friend - unless you give me a reason to think otherwise.

All relationships are important, with potential to be the best thing in life. Everyone new person I meet is someone who could one day be my:

  • Best friend

  • Significant other

  • Co-Founder

  • A boss, colleague or employee

  • The person who finds my wallet

What relationship do I value?

People who impact me

  • These are the people who I make an effort to keep in my life.

People who I impact

  • These are the people who make an effort to keep me in their life.

The best relationships are both, but each are important and deserving of energy.

How to build a relationship with me?

1 - Connect with me on social media!

2 - Get to know me.

3 - Do a thing I love with me (pretty much all the thing under "Me")

If unsure, lets just take baby steps. We can connect online, see each others posts. This will help create opportunities, and motivation to hang out in person.