I am a experienced digital artist, with a global reach.

My art has been featured in international press, magazines, galleries and platforms.

My creations have touched millions of people.

My interactive digital media art, in the form of games.

I have been making games since I was 14. I have developed many games, from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Web to Blockchain. Solo or leading teams with a dedicated following.

Here are 20+ of my favorites

From my rich career in the forefront of virtual reality over the last decadeand 100's of VR/AR projects I've been involved in, from Silicon Valley when the industry was in its infancy to build AR technology valued at $300M. My experience has given me great the skills to produce high-end experiences.

I use these skills to collaborate with talented Artists, Psychologist, Musicians, Game Developers and Experts the field to create Virtual Reality artistic experiences.

My Virtual Reality experiences are designed to move people through feelings and story.

I write poetry to improve my mental health, and to work through my feelings

Phoenix Flesh


Raw streaming consciousness
Like uncooked meat
Unfit for consumption
My blood still dripping

But I like it that way
It is a piece of me
Tenderly cut & savagely ripped
Out of my head

Perhaps it was too much
Will it kill me?
Unlikely, I'm not dead yet
Let's keep ripping at the rotting flesh
Calving a new me

Poetry is a drug

Poetry is a drug.
A remedy to broken soul.
Magnification to unpack the mind.

Addictive analysis.
A dangerous void to fall in.
Lethal overdose beware.

Walk fine lines with care
Insanity either side.

Stay back in ignorance.
Or dive in and risk madness.

Creating consciousness,
Is to dance the mind raw,
With surgical tenderness.



I have 2000+ subscribers on Youtube, and a collective view count over 2.5Million



As a 14 year old I loved to draw. This has since carried over into my more digital skills.