Virtual Reality Experiences


Dungeon Train

Infinite VR Looter

Dungeon Train VR Infinite Looter


A procedural dungeon train, for infinite looting in virtual reality on the Oculus Quest.

Inspired by Adventure Time's Dungeon Train Episode

Find My Phone App - The Game

Global Game Jam 2021, Australia

Find My Phone App - The Game

Your phone is missing. This is not only an outrage, it's downright dangerous. You've got to find where in the world that thing scampered off to! Thankfully you've got Find Your Phone App on your tablet!

Scan environments for extremely unhelpful clues on where your phone is and hope that it hasn't fallen prey to a wily phone thief!

This is the Global Game Jam 2021 #ggj21 entry by The Free-Range Roombas, Australia!

'Art As Activity' explores the concept of ‘dynamic sensation’ in neo-futurist art through the synchronization of virtual reality and installation art. The exhibition will portray Breda’s love of creating active participation in the gallery space, alongside his painting practice to form juxtapositions between innovative technology and traditional art.

Executed with the Oculus Quest 2, Unity 3d, and a physical installation in collaboration with Virtual Reality developer Brennan Hatton, ‘Art as Activity’ will personify this concept in the form of a physical and virtual ball pit. Traditionally a play environment, the ball pit assists children to develop their sensory motor skills in their formative years. Similarly, VR has been used in contemporary space as an extension of human cognition. The synchronization of these tools will form an uncanny unification of real and virtual space as we know it. Enabling gallery participants to be immersed in a physical ball pit, whilst interacting with the VR ball pit. The simplicity of the ball pit will identify the contemporary human relationship with our ‘whole’ environment and understanding of real space.

‘Art As Activity’ will be on view at Project Contemporary ArtSpace Wollongong from March 31st - April 11th
Opening night Friday April 2nd, 6pm.
collaboration between Daniel Breda & Brennan Hatton.
Supported by the City of Wollongong
Proudly sponsored by Verb Syndicate, Young Henrys and Crown Art & Design.

Coming Soon

  • MCCI Talking About Advance Care Planning.

  • A VR Health Training Experience


Remote delivery of immersive experiences about bias and inclusion

Unpacking Bias is an immersive journey focused on Bias and Inclusion, designed with ViacomCBS, The Ageing Revolution and MWAH, remotely delivered and closely co-designed with employees using real, lived experiences to ensure authentic and realistic responses and interventions.

Unpacking Bias

Topics of inclusive behavior for Gender, Race & more

Everyday Inclusion is an application co-designed with Cornell University's Diversity & Inclusion Department, & Cornell University's Interactive Theater Team, lead by Angela Winfield and Dane Cruz. The VR experience addresses the topic of Unconscious Bias, Intersectionality, including themes of Race and Gender.

Everyday Inclusion

Holy Burger

Global Game Jam 2020, Medellin

Holy Burger

Holy Burger is a virtual reality adventure game where you are chosen... or well, hired, by The God of the Universe to repair your world just because they decided to mess it all up for funsies. Now, it's your job to find your way through a maze that contains all the pieces of your broken world with which you'll build the ultimate symbol of wisdom and power: a burger.

Made at the Global Game Jam 2020, Medellin

Not Documented

  • Erin's Space


Designed in collaboration with Carlton United Breweries (CUB), is part of the multi-award winning learning program We're All In, on inclusion

Introverts & Extroverts

Designed in collaboration with Carlton United Breweries (CUB), is part of the multi-award winning learning program We're All In, on inclusion

In Groups & Out Groups

Domestic Violence

Unconscious bias training and situational awareness built with NSW Police

"They jump back, step away, they gasp, they try to find their voice, they ask to be included, and when dismissed, they physically shrink.And when they can’t do any of those things – the learning sticks and the real conversations begins." ~ Rhonda Brighton-Hall, CEO - MWAH. Making Work Absolutely Human

Not Documented

  • A Seat At The Table


Topics of LGBT Discrimination in customer service.

Partnering with a world leading bank to drive increased empathy and employee engagement, while testing the efficacy of VR to increase know-how, promote personal accountability, and create behavior change at one of the world’s leading banks.

  • 99.2% of 161 participants understood how it felt to receive discrimination.

  • 96% felt prepared to act if they were to see this behavior in the workplace.

  • Over 99% understand the reporting options available to them.

Finding Common Ground

Topics of exclusionary behavior and abusing positions of power

Collaborating with Domain Group and mwah. to scale transformational culture change, countrywide, across a portfolio of brands. Power and Exclusion was developed to give a shared experience at every level of an organization towards understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion, and being able to act on it.

98% Understand their personal role to play in D&I

93% See Domain’s Executive Leadership Team as fully committed to D&I

89% Confident to play a role in ensuring an inclusive culture

Power & Exclusion

How to have a conversation around poor performance.

Designed in Collaboration with Port Macquarie Hastings Council, a Benchmark Awards Finalist 2019.

Experience a harsh review from your manager, and then replay the situation as the manager.

Practice reviewing your staff. How can you change your language to affect better outcomes in your staff?

Challenging Conversations

VR for Empathy Winning UNs Sustainable Development Goals Hackathon

VR for Empathy Winning UNs Sustainable Development Goals Hackathon, & 2nd place and best teamwork - Thailand Friendly Design Social Inclusion.

Using design thinking methods they looked at the situation of care for people with disabilities and created a solution using virtual reality to help empathize with their situation.

"I don't think role plays will ever cut it again in this space. Participants able to empathise and discuss the experiences ... with detail that just wouldn't be possible without actually experiencing it themselves." ~ Nic Barry- Digital Learning & Organisational Capability, Domain Group

Experience Virtual Antipodes RealityBrennan Hatton - Virtual Reality Design and DevelopmentJessica Mehta - Poetry and Inspiration.

Poetry Installation Art Collaboration

Jessica created the Antipode form of poetry in 2015. Inspired by both “reverse poetry” and the palindrome, Antipodes are poetry that can be read word by word both forwards and backwards.

Antipode Commonalities: Fragment sentences Meanings are often reversed when read in Antipode position (reverse) Grammar in Antipode position must be inferred Word play. For instance, “lie quiet” might be read in Antipode as “quietly”

A Virtual Reality Experience - by Brennan Hatton, Naoko Wowsugi & Skylar Fein.

Participatory performance Tea(r)ism created a ritualistic safe space in which audience participated in a tea ceremony / group crying therapy. While they drink a native Hawaiian Mamaki medicinal detox tea, participants release emotions and negative energy by the act of crying. Originally exhibited in the Ala Moana Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, during July 7-9, 2017 as part of Ae Kai: A Culture Lab on Convergence, presented by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. This video is a small glimpse of the a virtual reality adaptation of the original experience.

Tea(R)ism (yt)

Want to playing with your CryptoKitties in Augmented Reality? Go into their Blockchain universe and walking them out to the real world.


Topics of unconscious bias for Gender, Disability & more

Funded by Remarkable, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, NSW for Family and Community Services and Telstra Foundation, Gender and Disability Focuses on key biases for both gender and disability, with two different experiences.

Ranked the #1 most popular business application on the virtual reality app store, viveport of 296 applications in 2018.

Gender & Disability

Topics of Unacceptable behavior and Biases for Sexual Harassment, Gender Bias & Culture Bias

Sexual Harassment, Gender Bias around Maternity leave, and Culture bias around aboriginal discrimination & bullying..

Unacceptable Behavior and Bias

Other Projects


Castle Rush


A Virtual Reality vs Reality game.

Up to three virtual reality players are archers working together to protecting a castle.

Over 30 people can play in reality, using their mobile phones to attack the people in virtual reality.

The crowd in reality must work together to win.

This game was run at public and private events, in pubs, clubs, malls, to connect strangers with each other and celebrities with their fan bases. Notably:

  • With Hex (Stephanie Bendixsen) from Good Game and her Fans in Bega

  • Jade Gatt, Ryan Lappin from Cheese TV, and their fans in Canberra

  • Reload Bar and Games

  • Wollongong Mall

  • Googles Sydney Christmas Party

  • Futurespace Office Party

The Game also included an Augmented Reality interface, allowing a bridge between virtual reality and reality to help lead the reality team to victory.

Australian Art Exhibit

I was co-creator with Daniel Breda, who lead the project with his vision of showcasing Australian Aboriginal Artists in virtual reality.

A Virtual Reality experience depicting four Australian Artists work. John Brack, Albert Namatjira, Trevor Nickolls and Brett Whitely. This experience was developed at Kingdom Hack on the 26 & 27th of November 2016 in Wollongong Australia. Design and concept: Daniel Breda Programming and modelling: Brennan Hatton Wormhole design: Waterworth

'Organic and Mechanical Space is an investigation of technology and tradition in contemporary art. The exhibition will include virtual reality experience, installation and traditional painting. Daniel Breda is a contemporary painter based in Wollongong. His work reflects the juxtaposition of organic and mechanical space we experience in society, inspired by the concept of “dynamic sensation” outlined in the 1909 Futurist manifesto.'


VR Shoe throwing

While spending an evening at a mates place, we spent a few hours jamming with his housemates on his living room couch making a cardboard VR app.

We ended up modeling his living room in a few quick minutes.

We designed an app that put voxel Rory and his voxel housemates in their living room, and allowed you to throw shoes at them! Each responding according (sometimes NSFW).


Our glasses received a lot of media attention.

In 2014 at Meta I had the opportunity to be involved in 100s of different AR projects all over the world. Below are a few

Meta 1 SDK

Meta Example Applications and Demos


In 2013 I was head hunted to Silicon Valley to join the team at Meta as employee #7 where I became the glue between product and developer community.

While the video you see here is entirely CGI and concept, you can see videos above in 2014 where much of these ideas became reality including the 3D printing of virtual sculpted objects.