News Feeds & Notifications

Turn off notifications

This helps prevent social media stealing your attention when you want to be focused.

Close the tabs

Dont have social media open

Kill the News feed

I find the news feed the most time-wasing part of social media. For facebook on my computer I use Kill News Feed chrome plugin to remove it entirely from my computer.

Remove the apps

I only do this for when it is becoming a real problem. I only install the facebook app once every few months for a few hours when I need features the browser version does not offer.

This post has me thinking about a device called Time Chi made a friend of mine by Sean Greenhalgh. A button that helps you focus by blocking all digital distractions and physical interruptions. Its built around the idea of Timeboxing, the act of allocating fixed time-frames to tasks

Through timeboxing, large complex tasks are broken down into smaller, more manageable ones. The fixed time-frame also helps curb procrastination, and getting lost down a rabbit hole on a single task.

"Blocking Digital Distractions That Make You Unproductive

Instagram. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Buzzfeed. Netflix…"

I just ordered one! Check out his Indiegogo, currently 1310% ending on 8th of August.