Que Recomiendas

Why I don't read the menu

Who knows whats best?

When you're at a restaurant for the first time, who is going to have a better idea of what is the best thing on the menu?

Option 1 - You. Who has:

  • Never been to this restaurant before,

  • Has not tasted any of the food here,

  • May or may not have had a recommendation from a friend who has likely had only one thing on the menu which they enjoyed enough to recommend.

Option 2 - The waiter, Someone who has:

  • spends hours, of days, of potentially months and years working with this food,

  • has likely tried most if not everything on the menu,

  • has seen not everything enough times to know its smell blindfolded, and has seen peoples reactions to them

  • Is familiar with what is ordered most often.

When I visit a restaurant, I go with option two every time.

Avoid getting stuck in a loop of bias

I know what I like, and when I am in charge this is what I get. Without the guidance of someone else I tent to go with what is safe. However this tents to happen even with the intent of looking for something new and different.

One of the best parts about asking the waiter for their recommendation is you are likely going to get something that is not your usual, and if it is still your usual, thats often a good thing too!

Decision Quoter.

Decisions take energy. Why waste energy? Sometimes it is nice to have this flexibility, but you literally have this flexibility for every meal of your life.

I will say, sometimes there is nothing wrong with following your craving.