Scaling Human Potential

Scaling Human Potential

With the exponential grow of technology, comes the opportunity for the exponential grow of humanity. How can we grow together with technology in a way that only has positive impact on our humanity?

Meeting Basic Needs, And Beyond

Work Capacity


Community, Networking and Relationships

Accessibility of Quality Education & Training

  • Education to keep up with the rate of change of the world.

  • Completely accessible education

Vision: being able to build a relationship with everyone on the planet. I want to get to know and understand as many people as I can. I want to be Myspace's Tom, except I actually know what you want me to know about you.

Mission: a tool that scales my ability to connect with people, sharing our personality, beliefs, experiences and interactions to allow in depth relationships with large networks.

I see a way in which I can collect data on myself and use to connect with my networks. Finding simpler ways to bring about connections between my networks and I, assisted by management of this data.

To get an understanding for how this fits into my high-level vision, see my mission