Content I created

This website is packed with content I created. Check out the links in the menu, the search button or message me directly if you are looking for something in particular.

Consumed & Recommended Content

This is a forever incomplete list, started in 2019 I hope I can at least keep track of content as I consume it as all past content is to daunting of a task. As some point I would like to automate this into a database. - add to my forever growing list of things I want to make for myself, or someone to make for me.


Written Content

Worm (favourite)

The Diamond Age

The Art of War

Our Mathematical Universe

TV Shows

Adventure Time

Big Mouth

Stranger Things

The Simpsons (Seasons 3 - 10)


V for Vendetta

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Monty Python

Beautiful Mind

Yet to be consumed

Articles, Books, Podcasts, Film, Music, Art, Experiences, Events, Talks I have on my consumption list