My data is how my story will be told.

My data is my records of who I am. It is my history, my story and my legacy that will surpass the physical things I create or posses, and my own life.

Historians use data to rebuild the past. Barring some apocalyptic scenario where all the data we’ve collected is destroyed, future historians are going to have far more information than their counterparts have today, when they try to piece together our lives.

Data is more manageable than physical things. Without physical limitations of size, weight, mass it can be near infinite. Perhaps most importantly, it can be automated.


Life would be simpler if we could not have to worry about privacy. Privacy is a delicate and very grey space, and something I spend a lot of time thinking about. Particularly around my vision of how I want the world to be, and the reality of the world we live in.

What is to be done with the my data once I die, and what are the considerations.

Public Data Storage

I store information about myself publicly because I want to build relationships. While in person can be the most effect way to do this, that is not always the best option (like when we on are the other side of the world or in another reality).

I provide my information to allow you to get to know me even if you don't have access to me in person. This is me, this is my data, this is who I am and aim to be.

Private Data Storage

My Private Data Storage
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Tools I used for management

Hard-drive Management - WinDirStat

Options Analysis


Lifestyle Diary