Truth & Trust

Openness & Trust is the most efficient and effective means of communication, and to a degree, a human right.

Where I would am working to progress this space is in

Accessibility of Information

Trust & Verification of Truth

Media Literacy

Accessibility of Information

I am currently working on setting an example of open-sourcing much of what we are doing at Equal Reality. See our public wiki. This wiki on my life is another example of that, and as is the how I am developing other projects.

We are also working on the accessibility side of things at Equal Reality, with voice controls for blind VR users, and captions for hearing impaired VR users.

  • Transparency

    • Cooperation

    • Economics

    • PR

  • Understandable Information

Verification of Truth

for trust in the knowledge & communications consumed.

How to protect and allow people to protect themselves from manipulation

Media Literacy

People deserve the skills to understand how to validate information they are consuming.



How can we create the right intent with a global community?


Leading organizations like social media and government can do better.


Distribution, Curation & Verification. Technologies like large scale networks, AI, Block-chain might be able to play a part this..

Learning Material:

Information presented in a way that can reach the right people.

John Hatton, My grandfather, and Corruption Fighter, bringing about the largest arrest of corrupt police officers in the world.

To get an understanding for how this fits into my high-level vision, see my mission