Making the most of Social Media

  1. Every Interaction is Showing Support.

Different levels of interaction show more support.

  1. Click.

  2. Like.

  3. Comment.

  4. Share.

  5. Share with comment.

Be intentional with this.

2. Gaming the system

Every comment increases support. Delaying replies to some comments (by hours or days) can spread that viral out over time, to make a single post go further.

This must be weight with time spent.

3. Conflict Helps Virality

Algorithms are optimised for conflict. Conflict creates interactions. Interactions feed the algorithms.

Conflict makes for more interesting conversation.

(This is my least favorite of the rules, I try to avoid using this one, but it is very powerful)

4. Media not links

Algorithms are optimised for content / media hosted on the social rather than externally.

Upload videos / photos to boost engagement.

Some social media (LinkedIn) is best to put links in comments.

Use the link tools social media give you.

5. Post Regular. Don't Spam

Social media works best by posting regularly like once or twice a day everyday, rather than 30 times a day on day a month.

This is not always true, and varies on different platforms. Hold this as a lose suggestion.

6. Avoid Spam Traps

Do not spam hashtags, on Instagram you will be blacklisted

Do not tell people to like/comment in a particular way on Facebook.

Do not put links status in LinkedIn, use comments

7. Catch 22s

These Rules can create some catch 22's to be careful with. #1 & #3. Conflict is good, but be careful who you are supporting.

Commenting lots is good, but oversharing can be punnished. Be careful with #1, #2, vs #5. #5 mostly apply to self made content, or status

8. Social Media Incentives

Facebook will reward you by doing things like using their app instead of browser on your phone, and using the latest features (360 video).

9. Treat it like PR

  • Talk about other people as if they are in the room with you.

  • Avoid public opinions outside of expertise.

  • Be ready for anything you say to be on the front page news.

  • Speak to what you're confident with, with confidence.

      • If you have to acknowledged its not your expertise, maybe its not worth commenting at all.

  • Be yourself.

10. Don't get Baited

Be mindful of the trolls. Treat them like Bullys. Generally avoid them.

Don't be afraid to block someone who drains your energy for their enjoyment.

On facebook, "Hide" comments you are not ready to deal with yet. It can be a great way to remove the pressure from responding to something until you are ready to look at it again. They wont know you hid their comment, and no-one can see it but them and you.

11. Create Content as a Lifestyle

Create and publish content to reflect who you are and who you want to be known as, as part of your lifestyle.

12. Dont Live On Social Media

Book in some time. Do it. Than setup away and come back later.

If you are finding yourself addicted to social media, you might find my methods of dealing with this interesting.

13. Make Good Content

Make content worth reading, engaging and sharing.