Life would be simpler if we could not have to worry about privacy. Privacy is a delicate and very grey space, and something I spend a lot of time thinking about. Particularly around my vision of how I want the world to be, and the reality of the world we live in.

Privacy is only needed when you have something to hide. This was once the conclusions of my beliefs around privacy.

An ideal world, perhaps privacy wouldn't be necessary. In world that is judgement free, and misstakes / wrong doings are met with support to fix rather than punishment to disincentivise.

As long as there is hate and wrong doing in the world, good people will have good reason to hide personal information. Only those in a position of privilege can give up privacy, risk free.

This transparency this website offers comes from a position of privilege. I am in a position where I do not have to fear for my safety or security by exposing myself. Nor is it completely risk free, my lack of privacy does present opportunity to do damage to me. However I believe transparency is important. Right now I am fortunate enough that the pro's outweighs cons, and if that ever changes I will reassess.

That being said, there are still minor, but important risks to consider. Privacy is a constant battle between openness/honesty and ill-intentioned judgement. I want to share all my thoughts and ideas freely to be criticised and further through discussion. However, I do not want wrong assumptions / interpretations about my thoughts to define who I am. If I am criticised, I want it to be to my face to give me a chance to change my stance after thinking about new information.

Presenting myself publicly is a delicate balance between encouraging feedback to my face at risk of taking criticism publicly behind my back.