Be part of my life

Staying in touch

It was chance that we met once, but the second time can be significantly more likely. Even though at this point in my life I am in a perpetual state of travel with no particular end in sight. But if we want it meet again, lets make it happen and stack the odds.

Knowing your face and your name.

  • By knowing your face I can recognize you in the street.

  • By knowing your name I can recognize it when I hear it.

  • Call out my name when you see me on the street!

By being connected online.

  • By being connected online I can know where you are in the world.

  • By staying in touch online, we create excuses to see each other.

  • This also keeps your name and face in the front of my mind.

You can stack the odds by doing the same.

By me alone doing this, there chances we run into each other again is much higher. But together, it can be certain.

Follow Me

Stay up to date with my journey, by following me on social media.

I store information about myself publicly because I want to build relationships. While in person can be the most effect way to do this, that is not always the best option (like when we on are the other side of the world or in another reality).

I provide my information to allow you to get to know me even if you don't have access to me in person. This website is me, this is my data, this is who I am and aim to be. Feel free to read about me, I find it flattering.

Lets Connect

Interact with me. Let me interact with you. Reach out.

Lets Be Friends

Lets build a relationship.

It all starts from a connection. Interacting with me.

Connect online until we get the chance to meet in person.

When we can meet in person, lets do something. Something fun and healthy. See some of my favourite activities here.

Lets Collaborate

Want to make something with me? Lets do it!

1 - Be my friend.

2 - Show me what you got.

3 - Inspire me.

And most importantly, lets make it happen. If we are in person together, lets just do it. One hack, a few hours is all it takes to make something that could change everything.