Surf Life Saving Australia

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) is an Australian non-for-profit organisation who exists to save lives, create great Australians and build better communities.

With over 170,000 members across Australia, the minimum training required is internationally recognised and world class.

20 Years with SLSA

Since the age of 4 I have been training as an Australian Surf Life Saver at Woonona Surf Life Saving Club, and a member of the club for 20 years.

At the age of 15 I started volunteering as a Patrolling Surf Life Saver.

At the age of 17 I was Woonona's youngest serving Patrol Capital.

In 2012/2013 I did publicity for Woonona including, website & communications.

In 2013, Woonona SLSC won


Internationally recognize certificates and qualifications.

Bronze Medallion, a Certificate III in Aquatics and Community Recreation

  • Safety & Wellbeing

  • Resuscitation, Oxygen & Defibrillation

  • First Aid

  • Signals & Radio

  • Surf Skills, Rips, Currents

  • Patient Carries

  • Rescue Techniques

  • Working in a Team

Silver Medallion, Beach Management

  • First Aid

  • Radio Operator

  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques

  • Spinal Management

Senior First Aid

Spinal Management

  • Know the causes of spinal injuries,

  • Know the signs and symptoms of spinal injuries,

  • Spinal injury management .

Gold Medallion

Key learning outcomes are to enable you to:

    • Select appropriate rescue equipment

    • Assess and manage the patient’s levels of distress

    • Support and return patients to shore

    • Perform a one-person drag technique and patient lay

Perform Surf Skill and Fitness Test;

    • Swim 800 metres in under 14 minuntes

    • Complete a 400 metre swim, 800 metre run, 400 metre board paddle and 800 metre run in 25 minutes

    • Complete tube rescue of patient 100 metres out at sea and return (flippers optional)

    • Complete board rescue of patient 200 metres out at sea and return

Work Autonomously

    • Plan and undertake work activities

    • Accept responsibilities

    • Set performance requirements

    • Maintain team performance

Awards & Recognitions

Junior Club Champion

Open Club Champion 2010/2011

100% patrol attendance 2010/2011

Open Club Champion 2011/2012

100% patrol attendance 2011/2012

Nominated for Surf Life Saving Illawarra Young Life Saver of the year, 2012

4th in U19 Australian Surfboat Rowing League 2012 with Trout Slap

100% patrol attendance 2012/2013

Open Club Champion 2016/2017

"Brennan Hatton was pivotal to the development of the Surf Boat rowing section of the Woonona Surf Lifesaving Club, it was the biggest competitive section of the club for a number of years. His enthusiasm, commitment and support in the acquisition of club members and aid the development of rowing teams saw the club benefit as a whole achieving great success in Surf Boat competition. The Woonona Club achieved a great honour being named State Surf Lifesaving Club of the year, this would not have been possible were it not be for the input and efforts of members such as Brennan.” ~ Jon Chivers, Boat Captain Woonona Surf Life Saving Club 2015