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"Tech Genius and Wall Street Broker Empower the World Through Virtual Reality" - Youth Times Magazine

100's of VR experiences Published

See my collection of my favorite immersive technology experiences I have created over the last 10 years of my career. From projects with the Chief Of the Royal Australian Navy to World Leaders in: Diversity & Inclusion, Universities, Poets, Artists, Psychology, Theater, Banks, Law Firms, Large Consultancies, Game Developers, Researchers and more from every continent.

With the 50+ worlds largest brands

I have had the pleasure to work with, build projects for many of the worlds largest brands, and even more have used my products.

I am the founder and CTO at Equal Reality, creating empathy, diversity and inclusion training in virtual reality to step into the shoes of minorities and experience discrimination. Since starting Equal Reality, I have been honored with numerous prestigious awards and titles. Including

  • Forbes exclusive 30 under 30 title in 2019

  • Technical.ly’s Invention Of The Year 2019

  • Halcyon Social Impact Fellow

  • Remarkable Inclusive Tech Alumni

  • Optus Future-Maker

  • Develop Pacific 30 under 30, 2019.

  • Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Grant Recipient.

  • DevDiner’s Emerging Tech Inspiration for 2017

  • DevDiners Top AR Inspiration for 2016

  • UoW Alumni Magazine, The Outlook (despite being an undergrad).

An Tech Entrepreneur From An Early Age

As a young kid I was a passionate techie & creator. I taught myself to program computer games at the age of 14, a passion that is still strong with me today.

My game development had me accepted early into University of Wollongong before graduating high-school. My focus was always my personal projects, and I used my studies in Computer Science, Multimedia & Game Development to further these projects, including: Brennan Hatton Games, Ninja Active & Hackagong.

Brennan Hatton Games was my first games Studio, producing multiple iPhone games,

Ninja Active was an e-learning program I founded to teach game development to primary & high school students.

I found that by giving students a use for the math they were learning most students were able to take on math 5 years beyond their year.

Leading the organization for Hackagong 2013, Australia's largest & most diverse Hackathon at the time

Head Hunted To Silicon Valley

At 20, I was headhunted, dropping out of my computer science degree to create augmented reality glasses that projected holographic models into the real world. This elevated my platform to prove my skills and gave me incredible technical insight.

I was employee #7 at a tech startup called Meta. I joined Meta to experience building high tech in Silicon Valley and go through the world’s most prestigious entrepreneur program YCombinator, to learn about scaling a company. While at Meta we raised $72M, where I was the glue between their hardware, software, and developer community. Knowledge sharing and community as always been important to me. At Meta, I was also responsible for passing on the knowledge of leaders experts in the AR VR space to our developer community, and the needs of the developer community to the team at Meta. This gave me incredible insights into the technology, the industry, how it was used, its strengths and hands on involvement in 100s of projects around the world.

I left Meta after 3 years to apply my learning of VR & Startups in the space of EduTech.

“Brennan is a person of immense authenticity, integrity, and humility, and a great asset to Meta and to us, for the time that he was able to spend here.”

~ Prof. Steve Mann, Inventor of Wearable Computing, HDR Photography & Chief Scientist at Meta

Experimenting & Inventing

While playing around mixed high-tech and social impact in the Edu Tech space I had a few ventures, where I further built off my roots at teaching kids and making games, working with celebrates and large tech companies. This gave me experience with a wider variety of cutting edge technology and the platform to build something truly great.

I co-founded a learning program, partnering with Microsoft teaching AR/VR/AI development to thousands of kids across regional Australia as young as 5.

I made several games, one of which Castle Rush, was particularly successful in connecting strangers. Working with names like

  • Hex (Stephanie Bendixsen) from Good Game and her Fans in Bega

  • Jade Gatt, Ryan Lappin from Cheese TV, and their fans in Canberra

  • Reload Bar and Games

  • Wollongong Mall

  • Googles Sydney Christmas Party

  • Futurespace Office Party

Castle Rush was a social virtual reality game for public and private events, in pubs, clubs, malls, to connect strangers with each other and celebrities with their fan bases.

It learnt on several cutting edge technologies including BuzzyTV MMO infrastructure, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

This allowed it to have over 30 people can play in reality, using their mobile phones to attack the people in virtual reality. A Virtual Reality vs Reality game. Up to three virtual reality players are archers working together to protecting a castle. The crowd in reality must work together to win. The mobile players also had the option of an Augmented Reality interface, allowing a bridge between virtual reality and reality to help lead the reality team to victory.

While running this game for a mall was when I met my current co-founder Rick Martin.

"bringing diversity and inclusion training into the 21st Century" ~ UOW The Outlook

I am constant experimenting and playing with cutting edge technology, from AR/VR to Blockchain. Creating new experience and solutions like one of his more recent side-projects Dungeon Train.

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