Daniela Breda

& Brennan Hatton

Daniela Breda is a close friend, old friend, collaborator, co-creator, my teacher, my student and all round great guy.

Daniel and I have been in each others lives since 3/4 years old, were we attended pre-school together at Tiny Tots, in Woonona.

We both attended primary school in the same year at Woonona East Primary School 2001-2004, and High School at Woonona High 2005-2010. In 2015, we became close friends through collaborating on a project together.

We created a virtual reality installation Organic and Mechanical Space. This has since toured Australia, being installed in galleries from Wollongong to Gosford, and part of Vivd Sydney 2017.

We have worked on other projects together, including a virtual reality experience depicting four Australian Artists work, collaborations at Equal Reality and worked together on hosting many virtual reality related events.

'Organic and Mechanical Space is an investigation of technology and tradition in contemporary art. The exhibition will include virtual reality experience, installation and traditional painting. Daniel Breda is a contemporary painter based in Wollongong. His work reflects the juxtaposition of organic and mechanical space we experience in society, inspired by the concept of “dynamic sensation” outlined in the 1909 Futurist manifesto.'

Australian Art Exhibit

A Virtual Reality experience depicting four Australian Artists work. John Brack, Albert Namatjira, Trevor Nickolls and Brett Whitely. This experience was developed at Kingdom Hack on the 26 & 27th of November 2016 in Wollongong Australia.

Design and concept: Daniel Breda

Programming and modelling: Brennan Hatton

Wormhole design: Kane Waterworth

Limitless > Limited VR

Limitless > Limited VR

Daniel Breda

Unity 3d and HTC Vive, 2019

Dimensions Variable

Breda had Solo Exhibition in 2019, ‘Limitless > Limited’, Project Contemporary Art Space, Wollongong.

I helped Bread with technology and video creation.

Art Edit Magazine

Great to see the VR Art Installation collaboration with @dj.bredaart getting featured in @arteditmagazine, in a profile on Dan, bringing attention to our next collaboration!

Its a pleasure to get to work with incredible Artists such as Dan, and use virtual reality to explore beyond the traditional physical mediums. Be sure to follow @dj.bredaart for the latest on our next collaboration happening very soon!

The Art Edit Magazine, issue 27, is currently on sale around Australia.

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March 31st - April 2nd. Project Contemporary Artspace Wollongong

'Art As Activity' explores the concept of ‘dynamic sensation’ in neo-futurist art through the synchronization of virtual reality and installation art. The exhibition will portray Breda’s love of creating active participation in the gallery space, alongside his painting practice to form juxtapositions between innovative technology and traditional art.

Described by the Italian Futurists in 1909, ‘dynamic sensation’ involved artists representing their ‘whole environment’. This included depictions of machines, nature, humans and the movements of such; presented in unification. In contemporary space, our environment also includes the digitalised spaces of screen culture, digital interfaces and virtual environments. To convey this concept in a neo-futurist manner, this project will create active participation through the synchronization of the Virtual interface with real-life experience through installation and virtual reality art.

Maro Polo

This interactive exhibition examines contemporary space through the juxtaposition of physical and virtual spaces with Virtual Reality, installation and traditional painting. In this exhibition, Breda extends his practice through a bold, bright and fun abstract adaptation of the classic Australian swimming pool game ‘Marco Polo’.

Nostalgically a childhood game, ‘Marco Polo’ is an imaginary game where players are metaphorically blindfolded in a body of water. Traditionally, the blindfolded yells ‘Marco’ in which case the responders yell ‘Polo’ until they reach out and touch a responder. Similarly, this exhibition will see Breda collaborate with award winning leader in VR, Brennan Hatton to showcase an interactive VR experience inspired by these childhood thematics.

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