Undead Mayhem

Undead Mayhem


Probably the most in-detail game I have made. I started making it when I was about 16, and put 4-5 years into it. Undead Mayhem! It's a top down zombie survival shooter.


Play as a human passing through a in a post-apocalypse zombie city.

Buy and upgrade weapons, or try and play with just your knives.

8 unique levels & bosses.

4 difficulties, starting with different amounts of cash and weapons. Different damage taken, and score multiplier.


Play as a human survival in a large map, from sprawling city to open wasteland.

Enemies spawn at increased rate depending on your score, forever. Try to max your cash per kill using combos to last longer. No theoretical limit.

Shadow Ninja

Embrace the shadows and play as the zombies, pick from one of 5 zombie types for a different game style.

Be a wrath and embodied the humans hunting you, or turn invisible.

Be a zombie master and weather the bullets.

Play as vampire, drinking blood, taking flight as a bat and converting the enemy.

Level up your moves based on use to have a different playing style every time.

Shadow Survival

Avoid detection of the humans and survival the night and day by sticking ot the shadows.

Some of the things I was most proud about this game at the time of making it:

  • The 2.5D / 3D graphics engine I built myself ontop of Game Makers 2D engine.

  • The time of day system, and lighting system. I built my own simple lighting system for the simple 3D rendering engine I developed. The gameplay was significantly impacted by light, shadows, and therefore, time-of-day. When enemies were in the undead were in the shadows, they grew stronger. Some taking on new forms & abilities.


  • Infinite Ever More Difficult Survival Mode.

  • Career Mode with 8 levels & bosses.

  • Local Multiplayer

  • Mini Map

  • Up to 2 AI Teammates

  • 17 Weapons with unique playing styles, stats and upgrade.

    • Stats: Cost, Damage, Reload Time, Accuracy, Clip Size, Weight.

  • Currency and shopping system.

  • Day/Night system.

  • 10 Unique Enemies.

  • Custom 2.5D Engine.

  • Global HighScore System.

  • Combo System to reward kill streaks with more cash.

  • 4 Difficulties.

  • Combo System.


The rate of spawn and types of enemies to spawn, is directly tied to the number of kills you have as a log function.


The first undead you will encounter, and most common throughout the game. They look like blue/purple humans.

They come in two types.

  • Walking. $1 value when killed

  • Running. $3 value when killed. (Not until ~60 kills)

Melee range attacks, easy enough to kill.

When in shadows they become slightly stronger, larger and faster.


The second undead to haunt you. Faster than walking zombies, but slower than running zombies the real danger of wraiths is spotting them. You can only see them by their shadows. If this wasn't hard enough at day, makes them particularly difficult at night / in the dark. When concealed in the shadows they are completely invisible until a few feet away from you.

Wraiths however, are very easy to destroy if you can hit them. Nearly always a one-hit-kill, and worth $5 when killed.

They will spawn at about 45 kills.

Giant Zombies

Huge zombies with a lot of health. Luckily these wont come sprinting at you like the smaller zombies can, but they will take much more to bring down. If you're going in for melee, its wont be a on-hit-kill.

Spawn at about 200 kills. Worth $5.








The help section of the main menu