My things

Things are just a means to an end

I record all the physical things I own. Physical possessions come with a cost, including space and portability.

By recording what I own / posses. I can :

  • Weigh up its functionality vs cost.

  • Plan when I need new things.

  • Know when to replace things and minimize ownership.

Details I track

  • Name

  • Brand

  • Weight

  • Stock (number of items)

  • Plane Safe (yes/no)

  • Color

  • Tag

  • Subtag (each tag has a series of subtags)

  • Functional (is it broken?)

  • Notes

  • Date Start Positioned

  • Date last checked

  • Date added to list

  • Expiration

  • Purchase value

  • Materials

  • Volume

  • Location

  • Photo link


  • Card

  • Clothing

  • Tool

  • Electronic

  • Storage

  • Book

  • Climbing

  • Camping

  • Music

  • Hygiene

  • First Aid

  • Security

  • Swimming

  • Bedding

  • Vehicle

  • Misc

  • System

I am managing my database in AirTable

Things I want

Last updated 20190124

Things so I can take others climbing with me

  • A 2nd Harness

  • A 2nd set of climbing shoes (size 9US) - Smaller than my feet for friends who cant fit into my shoes

Making travel life easier

Better travel bags

  1. Carry on Backpack for laptop and tech

Lighter Laptop

Current weight: 8.81849LBS

  • 1070 (or better)

  • i7 (or better)

  • 16GB+ RAM

  • SSD

  • 1TB HDD

  • 17"

New Phone

  • Great camera

  • Waterproof


  • Joggers / Skateboard shoes - something I can go hard in / thrash

  • A shirt that has my name on the back. Like a sports jersey, but not a sports kersey. Something I can wear to work.

  • Nice - cassual collared shirts. Replace Polo's (how many?)

  • Approach Shoes


  • Webbed Gloves

  • Boardies

  • Wetsuit

  • Fins (short, and unflexible for power over smoothness)

    • Shin fins (Can I wear these at the same time as fins?)

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