Brennan Hatton

Lead Designer & Developer

Brennan has been building games & virtual worlds for over a decade, being involved in 100's of projects. He has worked with over 50 of the worlds biggest companies  in 12 different countries. He is  the Co-Founder and CTO at Equal Reality, creating empathy, diversity and inclusion training in virtual reality to step into the shoes of minorities and experience discrimination. His work has earned him numerous awards and recognition, including:

You can read more about Brennan 's story here

I have been making games since I was 14. I have developed many games, from Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Web to Blockchain. Working by myself, as part of teams, or leading teams. Some took me a few hours, other took over half a decade. Here are 20+ of my favourites: 

Dungeon Train

Infinite VR Looter

Dungeon  Train VR Infinite Looter


A procedural dungeon train, for infinite looting in virtual reality on the Oculus Quest.

Inspired by Adventure Time's Dungeon Train Episode 

Find My Phone App - The Game

Global Game Jam 2021, Australia

Find My Phone App - The Game

"Its a masterpiece, short and really funny. One of the best experiences on VR that I had" - SideQuest Review

Your phone is missing. This is not only an outrage, it's downright dangerous. You've got to find where in the world that thing scampered off to! Thankfully you've got Find Your Phone App on your tablet! 

Scan environments for extremely unhelpful clues on where your phone is and hope that it hasn't fallen prey to a wily phone thief!

This is the Global Game Jam 2021 #ggj21 entry by The Free-Range Roombas, Australia!


Castle Rush


A Virtual Reality vs Reality game. 

Up to three virtual reality players are archers working together to protecting a castle.

Over 30 people can play in reality, using their mobile phones to attack the people in virtual reality.

The crowd in reality must work together to win.

This game was run at public and private events, in pubs, clubs, malls, to connect strangers with each other and celebrities with their fan bases. Notably:

The Game also included an Augmented Reality interface, allowing a bridge between virtual reality and reality to help lead the reality team to victory.



Undead Mayhem


Probably the most in-detail game I have made. I started making it when I was about 16, and put a good few years into it. Undead Mayhem! It's a top down zombie survival shooter. 


Play as a human passing through a in a post-apocalypse zombie city.

Buy and upgrade weapons, or try and play with just your knives.

8 unique levels & bosses.

4 difficulties, starting with different amounts of cash and weapons. Different damage taken, and score multiplier.


Play as a human survival in a large map, from sprawling city to open wasteland. 

Enemies spawn at increased rate depending on your score, forever. Try to max your cash per kill using combos to last longer. No theoretical limit.

Shadow Ninja

Embrace the shadows and play as the zombies, pick from one of 5 zombie types for a different game style.

Be a wrath and embodied the humans hunting you, or turn invisible.

Be a zombie master and weather the bullets.

Play as vampire, drinking blood, taking flight as a bat and converting the enemy.

Level up your moves based on use to have a different playing style every time.

Shadow Survival

Avoid detection of the humans and survival the night and day by sticking ot the shadows.


Detective GPT 

A VR murder mystery party game where the AI decides what happened and who is guilty!

The game starts when one of the players murder another.
In comes, Detective Gerald-Patrick-Thompson!

Provide the ai evidence to point it towards who to convict.
Who will be convicted for the dastardly crime?
Can you get it to the right conclusion?
Can you get away with murder?
Can you get away with frame someone else?
How will the story unfold?

The Detective GPT uses its AI detective work to create a story based on the information it has collected, to deduce who it thinks the murder is, and how it all unfolded.

The all-knowing ai is always right, even when its wrong.

"Yours are human brains, and thus prone to human error! I am only capable of hilarious robot error!"

Judge GPT

JudgeGPT, the game where ai decides you or your friends fate in courtroom. It also decides well as what you are been accused of. You each have one chance to prove your innocence. Convince the ai judge you are innocent. Efficient and succinct justice with all the bias and inaccuracy of ai. Who is better at convincing the Judge they are innocent?

Holy Burger

Global Game Jam 2020, Medellin

Holy Burger

Holy Burger is a virtual reality adventure game where you are chosen... or well, hired, by The God of the Universe to repair your world just because they decided to mess it all up for funsies. Now, it's your job to find your way through a maze that contains all the pieces of your broken world with which you'll build the ultimate symbol of wisdom and power: a burger.

Made at the Global Game Jam 2020, Medellin

Tremor Town

A game from Knot Pants in the 2013 Global Game Jam. Runner up for best game in Sydney Global Game Jam 2013. You are a town manager looking to build a town on the cheap. So you came to Tremor Town looking to do so. The only problem is Tremor town is known for the frequent earthquakes! The GGJ Theme: Using the 2013 theme of heartbeat, our team thought the idea of the BEAT of the becoming a pulse of the heart of the earth, but in the form of a earthquake. The game was released on iOS App Store within a few weeks of development.


A game I made in High School / Early Uni. Similar to early 2000 style flash games. Inspired by drawings I would do in highschool, you control a helicopter and gun down attackers protecting a house.


Growth was made in Global Game Jam 2012 at the Wollongong location in Australia. The team was made up of 3 first year computer science students studying at University of Wollongong and one Artist of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). All art was designed by Lisa Winters, background tracks was provided by Keith Kenniff, and sounds were taken from the Sound Library. At the end of Wollongong's Global Game Jam. Growth was awarded Best Overall Game

Game Jam Site:

Designer:‎ Dilesh Mistry 

Programmer: Brennan Hatton 

Artist: Lisa Winter 

Audio Engineer: Jason Tam 

Video by Brennan Hatton 

Any Fighter

Any Fighter! (Pun intended) A fighting game where half the battle is won in the training before the game. Play in your browser thanks to Unity’s WebGl export.

Made in 48 hours at the Global Game Jam Berkley, 2016

Brennan Hattons Bouncer

Older Video

My first mobile game. I begin designing this game in highschool at the age of 15, it was later released on iOS.

Violence and Helicopter

A game I made somewhere between High School and my first years of Uni. This one isn't very complete, but has some really smooth & fun animation with a cool surprise at the end.

Cold Hard Evidence

A Game I made for the UoW Game Developers Winter Game Jam of 2012? The Theme was Winter, Cheat & Shoot. 

I assumed most others in the competition would take that as using cheats to make it so you could shoot ice or something similar.  In an attempt to try and think about these themes differently I made a game where you had to shoot photos of husbands cheating on their wives with hookers. Only it is snowing, so you must defrost the camera lens to get a clean shot. I made this game in 24 hours, and won the competition. 

White Flower

Team Blackwolf, winning Who Dares Wins Sep 2012 at Brisbane 48 hour game-making Challenge

Other Games I made

I am yet to detail