Bali, Indonesia

In 2019 I spent 2 months living in Bali. I spent 1 month eating great food, and dancing salsa in Ubud. The second month I spent in Amed diving and eating even better!

I saved all of my favorite places as Google Maps lists, so you can just add them to your google maps, and see my comments / reviews.



1 month


1 month

Accommodation: Lilley Amed - Photos

Nusa Penida

3 days

Gili Air

2 days


Google Maps lists of places I recommend to eat, along with comments and reviews.


Telcomsel has the best internet. You will need to buy a sim card, 150k (~$15aud)can get you 17GB. From there you can recharge online for cheaper.


Top Dive spots in and around Amed

  • The U.S.A.T Liberty

  • Japanese Shipwreck

  • The drop by Liberty

  • Lipah Bay

  • The Mailbox


Mount Butar Guided sunrise treck

2am wake up.

Breakfast included.

Not so crowded on the hike.

Very crowded at the top - but so worth it.

Nusa Penida - Kleingking Beach.

20min - 1 hour.


Start at top, hike down.

Very steep, somewhat dangerous.

Nusa Penida - Dimond beach

5 - 30min

Steep stairs. A little dangerous.


Salsa Dancing