Compassion is one of the best tools we have to unite, understand, connect and work together.

My work throughout my career has largely focused on compassion, particular in the space of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

I currently work full-time on directly progressing this with Equal Reality

Openness & Trust is the most efficient and effective means of communication, and to a degree, a human right.

Where I would am working to progress this space is in

Accessibility of Information

Trust & Verification of Truth

Media Literacy

With the exponential grow of technology, comes the opportunity for the exponential grow of humanity. How can we grow together with technology in a way that only has positive impact on our humanity?

Meeting Basic Needs, And Beyond

Work Capacity


Accessibility of Quality Education & Training

I believe belonging is key to meaning and purpose. Through community, we can understand how we can fit into the world and how we can contribute. I believe with the inevitable increased adoption of technology, everyone can be freed to chase true meaning and belonging in our lives.

Meaning & Purpose



I see everything above as ways to remove the barriers from humanity, and to allow for maximum potential. Once we reach that potential, what do we do with it?