My go-to people to liven a social gathering, in no particular order

Liam McMillan

Connor Scanlan

Erin Janklow

Emma Tomczynski

Ci Ci

Kathryn Marthick

Krista Skiffington

Sam Nattress

Mark Azzopardi

Kelli Adams

Jennifer Patel

Liam Ephraims

Esther Lekeu

Nathan Bow

Tim Randall

Names I am yet to look up photos of

Nuni Zee

Blaze Sanders

Beth Quin

Rick Martin

Shubham Issar

Amanat Anand

Akira Siriwattananukul

Sam Owens

Thomas Griffiths

Leonie Sanderson

Simon Lowe

Amy Louise

Blake Lloyd

Nathan Shomer

Daniel Delcore

Shavini Fernando

Line Kolling

Brenton Richie

Esther Lsp

Michael Bronfman

João Pina

List incomplete - Feel free to reach out if I have not yet included your name