Befriending the world

Vision: being able to build a relationship with everyone on the planet. I want to get to know and understand as many people as I can. I want to be Myspace's Tom, except I actually know what you want me to know about you.

Mission: a tool that scales my ability to connect with people, sharing our personality, beliefs, experiences and interactions to allow in depth relationships with large networks.

Types of Relationships

There are two types of relationships that I want to scale.

  • Those who I want to keep in my life.

  • Those who want to keep me in the life.

Ultimately the best relationships are both of these, but I believe all relationships are important.

Those who I want to keep in my life.

This is mostly in our control.

Social media does a great job at connecting us with those we care about most. From idols on the other side of the planet we have never met, to our closet family members.

But it has limitations at scale.

  1. It is not inclusive.

    • Not everyone wants to be on social media

    • Those who are on social media can be spread out (No any one social media is completely inclusive / accessible)

  2. It is hard to track and prioritise people.

Those who want to keep me in their life.

This is less in our control, but there are some key things which are.

  • Knowing myself.

  • Knowing what I am comfortable sharing

  • Who I am comfortable sharing with

For me, this website is one of ways of doing this.

Again social media does a good job at this, but still has some limitations.

  1. Management of communications can easily become overwhelming - particularly at scale.

  2. Managing layered privacy at scale is difficult.

I see a way in which I can collect data on myself and use to connect with my networks. Finding simpler ways to bring about connections between my networks and I, assisted by management of this data.

I am looking for a way to unite and manage cross social media.

A Social Media Management tool which alikens to a CRM. - I am more interested in the personal messages than status updates.

- Helps prioritise my contacts who I want to stay in touch with

- Something that can repeat my ideas and thoughts I have previously expressed in the right context.

- Considers privacy, and knows which of my opinions / responses to share based on that.

I am actively looking to hear from anyone who has solutions / suggestions or recommendations to one or more of these problems

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