Cloning Myself


Automation is achieved through document, systems and processes. I like to document and log my life, so I can automate and scale myself. This is something I actively do very effectively at work.

I believe the data I am collecting and/or data collection methods I have developed or existing methods social media has me already doing can be used to digitally clone myself.

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The data I collect will also have value as historical records for humanity, ai and my family.

NB when I speak of AI in this page, it is a very loose and inclusive definition.

Life logging goals

  • Preserve human history

    • Preserve humans

  • Can achieve more goals over longer time and shorter time

    • Better impact on the universe

  • An AI for everlast life

    • Figure out how to ensure AI lives forever

I believe these goals will be a consequence of what I am trying to do.

Who am I? Want to see me doing embarrassing things, and pretending I'm cool?

How do I represent myself?

At the time of writing this, this wiki is the best tool I have for presenting data on myself

Why do I want to clone myself?

Preserve human history - Preserve humans

Imagine if you could talk to anyone in history, the smartest people, the most inspiring, the most mysterious, or your late relatives. The questions that could be answered, the accessibility of knowledge.

One day, my great-great grand will know be better than I have ever know my great grand parents. Perhaps better than I know myself.

Efficiency and 'More'

More brains to think about the worlds biggest problems.

Achieving more goals. There is lots I want to do, and not enough time to do it all.

Do I actually believe I will be able to clone myself?

Maybe. I believe we are very close to simulating personalities. Perhaps down the line, we can create digital copies of human consciousness.

I believe that by preparing to do it myself, I will be more likely to have collected data that I can use this technology on myself sooner.

Regardless of who is the person to do this first, I want to be prepare to have use this technology to copy myself. What I care about most is a digital clone, that will be able to do most of the things that I do online.

What if I am wrong and it is impossible to clone myself?

Without going into detail about what it means to clone myself and how possible that is - its easier than you think.

I believe that regardless of me ever successfully cloning myself, this process will help me organise my life.

Attempting to clone myself, I will be able to figure out how to automate repetitive parts of my life, create historical records and still achieve my goals with a significant impact. I am already achieving my goals of persevering history and being more efficient.

Maybe my kids will be the closest thing I get to a clone, just as I am the closest thing my parents have to a clone right now. I hope at the least, these records of my life, thoughts and how I live will help push my kids in the direction where they can stand on my shoulders and build off my life - even after I pass on.

It is simpler than you think, and you can do it too.

Collecting data

I am collecting a lot of data on myself, and producing a lot of content.

Data includes:

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Messages

  • Processes

  • Lists

  • Thoughts (just written them down for now, I don't need a brain machine or EEG to collect thoughts)

I mostly use facebook, google photos, google docs & youtube

Using the data

Make the data useful to myself and others I can see where I should be focusing on what data to collect. This wiki is an example of this, as is this FAQ.


Once I find the most useful bits of data to collect, I think about how I can collect it with the least amount of effort.

What will my clone do?

At first it will be simple. Somewhere between this wiki, and a FAQ of everything I have get asked / say.

From there I can do things like connect it to my social media, emails, and reply to frequent questions. Or have it manage and maintain my wiki.

Things I need to research more

  • Social media Agitator

  • Professional Networks