My Tools

These are these tools I use to manage my life

My data is my records of who I am. It is my history, my story and my legacy that will surpass the physical things I create or posses, and my own life. My data is how my story is told.

Things are just a means to an end. I record all the physical things I own. Physical possessions come with a cost, including space and portability.

By recording what I own / posses. I can :

  • Weigh up its functionality vs cost.

  • Plan when I need new things.

  • Know when to replace things and minimize ownership.

Software tools I use to manage my life

My routines are my MVP to happiness. They serve as a guide to get me back on track and become my best self. I frequently subject myself to large lifestyle changes. By documenting my routines I have a place to go, so I can keep the good habits, remove the bad and get on my feet as fast as possible.