I lived in Brisbane for 6 months in 2018, and 1 month in 2019, and made multiple short trips since 2011

Best things about Brisbane

The People.

People are genuinely happy. As a result they want you to be happy! Its refreshing, supportive, positive and simply great.

In business, on the streets and in life, people are happy to see you happy.


From the Startup communities with HotDesQ, Fishburners, Rivercity Labs, the VR industry to West End Markets. Everyone is so welcoming, supportive and keen to collaborate.

Its such an easy place to make friends, build your own community and be absorbed into established communities.

Public Transport

You can get anywhere in the city for $5 / month on public bikes. And I recommend it! Its the only city I've been to where this seriously works. As commuting, but also a pastime

My activities

Climbing Gyms!

Public Parks.

Bars & Breweries!

Tech & Startups

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 2017/18