Quest Apps To Get

Make sure you setup SideQuest, so you can get access to a done more applications that are not yet on the app store. Most of which are free. You will be required to download an app onto your PC and put your device into developer mode to install the apps. See setup instructions

Must Haves

Oculus Store Apps


  • Accounting+. A great job at strange story telling.

  • RecRoom - Non violence Mutliplayer gaming online, laser tag, paintball, questing with swords and sheilds. Oculus App Store (community is a little immature)

  • Mission ISS. Explore the international space station. (Run this seated, or you will likely get motion sickness)

  • Altspace free, Social to meet other people online. Has online meetups Oculus App Store.


  • Richies Plank. Very emotionally powerful. Fun to show friends.

  • Beat Saber. So much fun. Oculus App Store. Fun to show friends, and very replayable

  • TiltBrush. 3D Painting in VR. Fun and Creative

Side Quest


  • Tea for God. Free, menu is hard to navigate, but the app is a 4D maze, and messes with your mind.

  • Pavlov. Free. Multiplayer First Person Shooter. Counter Strike in VR. Manually reloading guns.

Apps I made


Other Great Games

Arizona Sunshine. Zombie shooter. Multiplayer .

Kingspray. Multiplayer Graffiti

Out or Dead, another 4D maze that uses spaces which fold in on themselves.