Post-Life Data Policy

How to control your ai clone from the future

What happens to my data once I die?

As technology progresses, data becomes more valuable.

The technology already exists to create interactive simulations of humans, from simple chatbots, to interactive & animated 3D avatars. We can already create them from a single photo, what happens we use every photo and message you ever made?

If I can recreate an interactive version of myself by feeding my data into it. My children, grandchildren and descendants will be able to interact with me as if they have a saved copy of me. Ruadmetory at first, but as technology progresses, they will be able to pull more and more use out of my existing data. This means my ai will get better and more realistic, even once I have died and stopped creating data.

A few things strike me as criticle to best ensure my data is preserved to capitalise on this:

  1. Create as much data as possible about me that could be used to shape my ai clone.

  2. Ensure this data is preserved

  3. Aggregate and organise this data as best I can while I am alive.

So how do I do this?

Create as much data about me as possible that could be used to create my ai clone.

We are all creating an overwhelming amount of data already. I consider, most importantly:

  • Our message history

  • Our social media

  • Internet history

But what else can we do collect &, store?

  • Personal Diaries

  • Content we make

    • Photos

    • Videos

    • Audio

    • Art

    • Blogs

What if we start creating the data with the ai in mind? Writings, thoughts ideas and expressions with the intent of them being shared through ai.

Facebook Messanger Screenshot, blurred

Ensure this data is preserved

This is an interesting one. I break it down into two parts

  1. Life preservation

  2. Post live preservation

Life preservation

Back up your data.

  • Locally, online storage, social media

  • Follow typical professional data storage techniques (like RAID)

Considerations are costs and time in both setup, expansion and ongoing. See my data storage notes

Post live preservation

How is my data preserved once I pass on?

Who has control over my data? This will be a responsibility.

Do I have preferences for how this is handled?

  • Cost

  • Maintenance

  • Organization

  • Management

  • Implementation

  • Security

What are my data polices?

Aggregate and organize this data as best I can while I am alive.

While create the data will help give insight into who I am.

Organizing the data will help prioritise so I can have control over which parts of my life I want to stand out.

This task will become increasing more difficult the more removed form the moment the person doing it is.

Example: If I organize my photos from today, I will do a better job than organizing my photos from a day last month.

  • Organizsing my photos from last month, will be easiest if each day has already been organized.

  • This will be even more difficult if I try and organize my photos from 10 years ago.

  • This will become even more difficult if I have my kids organize my photos oh my behalf.

  • Even more so, if the photos they are organizaing are not memories they have. (before they are born, or perhaps when they grow up and I go on a trip without them)

  • Even more so if it is their my great great grandchildren who may never actually know me.

Bottom line

You are already creating the data.

Organize your data now! It will lead to a more accurate simulation of yourself and give yourself more control of that simulation.

Start thinking about what will happen to your data when you die, and write it down.

Below is a private document outlining my personal post-life data policy
Brennans Post Life Data Policy