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Creative Skate Brisbane, short film by Alec Rozen

Changing the narrative of skateboarding

Inclusivity, creativity and healthy communities.

I've been skating since I was 4 years old, when my dad put me on his skateboard.

Skateboarding has been the most constant activity in my life, but I never saw it as a sport or even identified as a skater until I was 28. In march of 2020 I moved to Brisbane for the COVID19 pandemic and skatepark opened around the corner of my house.

With the climbing gym closed, and Latin dance nights shutdown, the skatepark became my new second-home.

As with everything I do, I started to build a community and philosophy around making skateboarding more inclusion, friendly and supportive for vulnerable groups, called Inclusive Skate.

For nearly a year I posted a video of my skating progress every day on Instagram, as well as reviewing every skatepark I would visit around Brisbane.

I built a map of all the skateparks I could find in and around Brisbane, with over 150 to visit.

With my creatively unique style, video reviews, and community in inclusive skating, I quickly picked up a reputation as a leader in the local community. This attracted the attention of some incredible young film makers & photographers including William Moore & Alec Rozen, Brandon Peters, Terry PClub and even a documentary team for Channel 10's Advancing Australia (airing 6pmJune 19th).

I am currently skating everyday, and am open to collaboration with talented film makers, photographers & story tellers who are looking to shift the narrative of skateboarding to be more about inclusivity, creativity and healthy communities.

Are you looking to get involved with Inclusive Skate, or just want a safe space to skate?

Are you a talented film maker looking to shift the skating narrative ?