Self Portraits


self portrait - soundcloud reading

I believe I can do anything,
Confidence is key.
With my mind in the right direction
I can build any reality.

If I so desire,
I could make a career of any hobby.
A world leader in whatever I want.
With my eye for opportunity.

Limits are temporary.
Capability forever expanding.
Success wherever I chose
Of which I chose wisely

My limits are so few,
But we all share their persistence.
Health, time and self created.
And the singularity of our existence.

Barring nothing, these are the only limits
Anyone should face
But things are not so simple
Discrimination in their place.

I can do anything
This is what it will be
To stand up for what is right
Inclusion & Equity.

All limits are temporary,
Until we find a way around them.
Health, time, & the speed of light
That there is only one of you & me.

All and the last to be solved.
A clone, a digital copy.
I hope someone will beat me to it.
Next stop, immortality.

I have summited mountains

A self portrait

I have summited mountains & squeezed deep into caves.

Explored shipwrecks with little more than the air in my lungs and spent a week alone & tentless in a winter wilderness snowstorm.

Adventured places few humans have ever seen.

Push my physicals limits to 13 broken bones, including my back.

I have lived places you may find hard to believe really existed,

and built countless realities from actual dreams.

I taught myself to code younger than many hit puberty.

I was accepted into university before graduating highschool.

As an industry leader and drop-out, I was sent to circumnavigate the world. Twice before I was 25.

I have founded my own companies, communities and invented technologies.

I have created art displayed in galleries, magazines and experienced globally.

I've been on reality tv, documentaries and in the news more than I know of.

I am the first result on Google.

I have been awarded Forbes 30 under 30,'s Inventor of the Year, JFFLabs Top Innovator to Watch

I build communities and technology to drive humanity forward.

I spend my life fighting for inclusion & compassion, just as my grandfather.

I am ambitious, driven, creative and inclusive.

I am Brennan Hatton.

I lead life with love

self portrait

I lead life with love.
I focus with intent, passion and a whole heart.
I embed its source in my lifestyle,
and of me it is part.

I stand strongly to my morals.
Pushing for the best me.
Living without limits,
I set high goals freely.

Always striving for inclusion,
I care for others deeply.
I believe to listen is the most valuable skill there is,
fostering community.

I think before I speak,
Pick my words carefully, speaking from the heart.
An entrepreneur, performer, and artist,
I see it all as art.

I am a teacher and a student,
I value experience, skill and education.
I am a leader and a team member,
I am a friend open to collaboration.

I am wildly sporty,
In which I meditate & flow.
Skate, surf, dance, climb, hike, dive, spelunk,
Cliff jump, bike, soccer, tennis, netball, run, swim and row.

I proudly challenge stereotypes.
Programming virtual reality.
A gamer, developing my own games,
I am an adrenaline junky.

I separate risk and fear
face fears, risk free.
Embrace the unknown,
Yet take risks seriously.

I have strong opinions.
But I am comfortable being wrong.
I value the search for answers.
I believe an open mind is strong.

I am Omnist, I am Australian.
I am human (for now).
I hope to return to planet earth after I leave,
but have yet to find out how.

I want to die happy,
And live forever young.
I was, am and will always be,
Brennan Hatton.