You Sexy Little Fling

By Brennan Hatton


Rollercoasting two weeks.
A sexy fling.
Documented through poetry.
Love with some sting

Thrilling with passion.
Hot, exciting & raw.
Disappointingly, unexpectedly,
Ended. No more.

Thanks for the experience.
I hold no regrets.
I loved loving you.
You left me at my best.

Confidence is sexy

Wednesday, April 28th

Fuck my mind


Fuck my mind.
Reach through my heart.
Take control.
Pin us apart.

Your mouth of my flesh.
Own me, destroy.
Hand yourself over.
My little toy.

Hands pinned above you.
My pleasure to inflict.
Tongue at your ear.
Whispering convict.

Get in my head.
I am in yours.
Vulnerable and open.
For a moment, we pause.

Tenderly honoring you.
And forcefully delaying.
I know what you want.
Yet you are waiting.

I might ask for permission.
But you'll beg for it first.
Mine for the taking.
Yours for the thirst.

My little puppet,
On teased out strings.
I'll pluck your notes.
And give you wings.

When my head gets to big,
Teach me my place.
Own or disown me,
Make me a disgrace.

Every inch of you I touch,
Is your generosity.
Worth more than I deserve,
I accept ecstatically.

I am subservient,
Abuse your powers.
Your mine for the night.
I'm yours for a few hours.

I am the phoenix


Touch me anywhere
It's all the same
Driving me crazy
Youre in my brain

I'm losing my mind
At what you have done
Changing who I am
Who I will become

Everything I wanted
Was here all along
A new me is born
The old one forgone

I am the phoenix
Reborn a plenty
Shedding anxiety
Embracing identity

I stand here before you
Because of you, I thank you
Wonder what it is that for you,
I can do?

A human at large
Embracing new humanity
Yours to command
I'm offering benevolently

Power I give you
But perhaps you always had
I was just unaware
I wanted you so bad

Power and submission
Transfer between
Sex withheld
But in your dreams.

Fearless Love


Love should be fearless.
And without hold.
To do so is brave.
Self assured and bold.

I love to love.
Expose my whole heart.
Open and vulnerable.
Take me apart.

When you look inside,
I get a glimpse too.
Defining myself,
To both me and you.

To love without restrictions.
Is rare I find.
They hold on too tight.
Suffocating the blind.

My love needs freedom.
I need my space.
Withhold others limits.
I run my own race.

Rolling Confidence

Friday April 30th

I require your begging

I'm in your thoughts.
More than you like.
How did I get there?
After only two nights.

I have control now.
You desire me absurdly.
Waiting less than a week.
Feels more than eternity.

You can only imagine,
The things I will do.
You can only hope,
I will follow through.

Ready for my kiss,
But locked into waiting.
Fist full of your hair,
I want you facing,

Straight into my eyes.
To see my intent.
Of holding you back.
Spine arching bent.

Will I pull you closer?
Or keep you in tease?
I see into your soul.
Yearning from the knees.

Perhaps I will whisper,
Of a glimpse to come.
The parts of you I'll explore,
Slowly with my tongue.

Feel the definition in my core.
As I grip you so tight.
Strip you aggressively.
Finding flesh to bite.

Pin you open.
Mine for the taking.
Before I even start.
You will be shaking

Now let your mind wander.
This I do deem.
For when I've enjoyed enough begging.
I might grant you that dream.


Saturday May 1st

A virus of the mind

What if I am held back?
Despite my desire,
To pull you into my flame.

What if I can't do
the thing I've promised?
Another week long eternity,
of teasing pain.

What if it's all to much?
Suspension tension snapped.
Whiplash in my face.

It might all come crashing back ontop
Origami craving unlaced

Fire inside us both,
too hot to be touched
It will consume me and you

Charring skin, and melting flesh
Eating me
Like I want to eat you

Yet I sit here, holding breath
Not knowing what to say
I want you, I need you, I'm begging please
Just. stay. away.

Crying out inside, turning inside out
Skin of stone, but not my lips
Too soft to touch, that is the issue
Hot saliva, a poison kiss.

Sex laced with cyanide.
Passion dipped in toxicity
Venom from my own fang

I would bite you
and I know you would like it
But it's better to let you hang

Human by day
Human at night
Regardless of the moon

But time I'm still locked
Stress as my downfall
Opening a dangerous wound

A virus to common
In my own DNA
From birth till present day

In the meantime I offer myself to you.
Emotionally unguarded.


Anxiety fueling falsity
A virus of the mind
No real concern
Other than the overthinking kind.

Heartbreak Rollercoaster

Sunday May 2nd

Poetry is a drug

Poetry is a drug.
A remedy to broken soul.
Magnification to unpack the mind.

Addictive analysis.
A dangerous void to fall in.
Lethal overdose beware.

Walk fine lines with care
Insanity either side.

Dive in risks madness.
Or stay back in ignorance.

Creating consciousness,
Is to dance the mind raw,
With surgical tenderness.

Love fearlessly

To love fearlessly,
Is to love freely.
Free the phrase,
"I love you."
To disregard the insecurities of reception.
To make room to say it more.
To let the interpretation be a filter for those who are not ready to hear it.
To filter those who don't understand.
To seek out those who do.
Love fearlessly.
I love you.

Lost & hopeful

Lost & hopeful
Desire confused
Dance my thoughts away
Fearing isolation


Hit by another's overthinking
A fair warning and honest
Healthy boundaries set externally

Understanding my own circles
Who I attract, let in and keep
Subconscious conscious alike

Growth pains embraced
Loving love can hurt
But yet, I want more.

Love, The Experience. Love the experience.

Tuesday May 4th

Judgement, Free

Judgement, free
I judge you, on me
Not to who you are
Have freedom within yourself

When having a good time
Being unconditionally me
You shall remain
Judgement free

And even when I don't
It's still me, not you
Judgement isn't a consideration
I just feel things through

To lead life with love
Laugh dance sing and flow
Enjoyment good vibes
Think, bounce, fly and grow

Judgement is free
And comes with a cost
To ignore the moment
in which I'd rather be lost

A wild journey of love

Party flirt nightlong,
Stories and dancing.
You have my contact.
Now I am waiting

A date set by me
Fun ends with a kiss
Expectations set clearly.
A new date you wish.

Evening picnic
Cute quickly became hot.
You caught me off guard
I want you, don't stop.

Uncontrollable desire.
Set in tease.
I'm clear with what I want
I want you begging "please"

I am in control. Or am I?
Drive you crazy, as you drive me.
The waiting game brings upon us
Romantic lust mixed anxiety.

Healthy boundaries explored.
Communication of sexual health.
The dates near upon us.
Crashing eternity without stealth

Drinks, Dinner, Dancing
Back to mine
Stay up all night

Open and vulnerable
Honest and raw
Into each others minds
Onto the floor

24 hours, one date
In each others grip
Eggs and Bacon
Each moment we sip.

Love and goodbye
Crash with a nap
Wake up to a message
You aren't coming back

That is the end
It hit me hard
After a night so high
My flesh you bit, scars.

Thanks for the experience.
I hold no regrets.
I loved loving you.
You left me at my best.

Wanting a fling

I want a fling
I want to share me
Date. have fun, do exciting things.

Perhaps I want more.

I want new experiences
I want to grow
Connect, be vulnerable
To learn myself & those.

I want to love
Express love.
Explore love
Be loved

I do not want commitment
I need freedom & flexibility.
I will listen to, and honor boundaries
I am my highest priority.


Friday, May 07

Heavy Love

I think you fell for me
Perhaps more than you were ready
Emotionally overloaded
When your mind is still to heavy

I understand that feeling
As I felt the same
We had a pretty fucking great time
Ending it is a shame

But I think I get it
We both are finding our flow
To learn to love again
Set boundaries and grow