Raw Streaming Consciousness

20201009 - 20201014

Phoenix Flesh


Raw streaming consciousness
Like uncooked meat
Unfit for consumption
My blood still dripping

But I like it that way
It is a piece of me
Tenderly cut & savagely ripped
Out of my head

Perhaps it was too much
Will it kill me?
Unlikely, I'm not dead yet
Let's keep ripping at the rotting flesh
Calving a new me



I've been called insane before
Taken it with pride
"That's impossible, he is insane"
I did it anyway

Than insanity had a different meaning
Gaslit to paranoia.
Perhaps it became true
I still challenge my fears
Insanity is now one.

I am no fraud, no conman,
That is just lies, gaslit.
But I have been half human
Admitted to myself,

When the fears took over half of me,
I didn't know who I was
Who I am or who will become
Brennan, who is that?
That is me.

A sad song? At least I sing.


I tell a sad story
But yet it makes me happy
To know that it is now in the past
I can finally be chatty

I want to let the world know
Someone fucked me hard
They got right deep in my head
And really shook things up

Despite fighting a viscous bear
I have achieved incredible things
Recognize me for what I'm worth
A sad song? At least I sing.

Poetry is a drug

Poetry is a drug.
A remedy to broken soul.
Magnification to unpack the mind.

Addictive analysis.
A dangerous void to fall in.
Lethal overdose beware.

Walk fine lines with care
Insanity either side.

Dive in risks madness.
Or stay back in ignorance.

Creating consciousness,
Is to dance the mind raw,
With surgical tenderness.