Brennan Hatton

I have been pioneering VR for over a decade. I co-founded Equal Reality, VR empathy training, allowing you to step into someone else shoes and see from their perceptive. A technology that has been run on every contient except antarrtica and used by 10% of fortune 500 companies, including Google, Amazon, Paramount Global, Exxon Mobil, GSK, the Mayo Clinic, Royal Australian Navy and more.

From working in Silicon Valley building AR headsets, to working with the biggest organizations in the world, I have been involved in 100+ AR, VR and AI projects, and am always looking to push what is possible.

"Tech Genius ... Empower the World Through Virtual Reality" - Youth Times Magazine

An Ally

"bringing diversity and inclusion training into the 21st Century" ~ UOW The Outlook

Being inclusive and an ally is at the core of who I am. My company Equal Reality uses Virtual Reality creating empathy training in virtual reality. We put people in the perspective of vulnerable groups to experience discrimination.

We partner with psychologist, behaviour experts and industry leaders to work with vulnerable groups covering topics include sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, bullying, sexual harassment,  power and exclusion and difficult conversation. Used on every continent except Antarctica, by the worlds largest organisations from Universities, Military, Government, Tech Companies, Banks, Law Firms, Accountants to High Schools. 

As seen on  Channel 10's Docu-Series Advancing Australia

I spend my free time:

"Mr Hatton’s drive to innovate, create and change the world is evident in not just his words but also his actions." 

Alasdair McDonald, Bega District News

Press Highlights:

Recent projects

Updated July 2023

BlueSpace Freediving 

Launched Feb 2024

Launch of BlueSpace, Sri Lanka's first Molchanov's School, in just 2 weeks.

AI Generated Audio Manuals 

Proposed Feb 2024

A proposal for improving Molchanov's inclusivity and accessibility

Cape Cali Ambassador

Accepted March 2024

I am 1 of 8 worldwide ambassadors for Cape Cali. Producing high-end underwater cinematic content.

AI in Highschool Biases

POC Launch 2023

Using AI to combat biases and bullying in highschool

Judge GPT

Early development 2023

Based in a futuristic small claims court, try to convince the ai judge of your fate.

Equal Reality Review AI

Handed over. May-July 2023. 

AI to help you explore how you feel after stepping into the shoes of someone else in one of Equal Reality's VR emapthy experiences.

Equal Reality Metaverse Classrooms

In-development. 2021-ongoing

Mutlipalyer VR learning environment for empathy training, focusing on topics such as unconscious bias and micor aggressions.

Dectective GPT

in-development Jan 2023

A Mutliplayer VR murder mystery party game where the AI decides what happened and who is guilty!



Piloted. April 2023-ongoing

Ai for Fo Guang Shan, Humanistics Buddhist Temple Art Gallery. Brining to life artwork to be conversational, guide you through the gallery and share buddhist wisdom.

The Transreality Ball Pit

Launched 2020-2022

One of my 5 collaborations with Daniel Breda, installed in 10 locations around Australia and show internationally. See more of our collaborations here.

Dungeon Train - The Library Of Babel

Launched - 2020-Ongoing

A Virtual Reality game on an infinity train, inspired by adventure time. See all my games here.

Hot House

in-development 2023

A short narrative based VR escaperoom.

Australian Dream The Game

Launched 2023

"Australian Dream The Game: The Journey of Pumpkin Head".  For Hoon's 2023 Album release.

Find My Phone App - The Game - VR

Launched 2020