Brennan Hatton

Leader in VR

I have had a rich career in virtual reality over the last decade. I have been involved in 100's of VR/AR projects, including being head hunted to Silicon Valley when the industry was in its infancy to build technology valued at $300M. My experience has given me great insight into cutting edge technology and the industry.

Using my insight co-founded Equal Reality, where I am currently Chief Technology Officer. I have been internationally awarded and recognised as a leader in the Virtual Reality Industry, with over 70 publishing on TV, Radio and News Articles.

An Ally

Equal Reality uses Virtual Reality creates empathy training in virtual reality. We to put people in the perspective of vulnerable groups to experience discrimination.

We partner with psychologist, behaviour experts and industry leaders to work with vulnerable groups covering topics include sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, bullying, sexual harassment, power and exclusion and difficult conversation. Used on every continent except Antarctica, and by the worlds largest organisations from Universities, Military, Government, Cooperates, Tech Companies, Banks, Law Firms, Accountants to High Schools.

"bringing diversity and inclusion training into the 21st Century" ~ UOW The Outlook

I spend my free time:

  • Pushing limits of technology, by experimenting with AI, Blockchain, VR & Gaming (like building my VR Game current ranking #2 paid game on SideQuest).

  • Giving back to my community, by saving lives as a volunteer on Australian Beaches for Surf Life Saving Australia or organising community events.

  • Being expressive and creative, by making art in the form of games, paintings, videos, photography, music, film and more.

  • Building and being part of communities, by giving talks, connecting people and host events.

  • Practicing teamwork and leadership with Team sports like surf boat rowing, soccer, netball, tennis, partner dance, canyoning & mountaineering.

  • Calming the mind. Meditation through sports like climbing, free-diving, cliff jumping.

  • Working on my mind and body through flow sports like surf life saving sports, surfing, skating, dancing & beat saber.

  • Sharing knowledge, by detailing my adventures, learning and anything I find interesting on my personal wiki.

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