Free Diving

Free Diving is exploring the ocean with nothing more than the air in your lungs.

Free Diving is a mental sport more than it is a physical sport.

Free Diving is overcoming fear.

Free Diving is defining your own limits.

Bali 2019

Dive of the U.S.A.T Liberty WW2 shipwreck.

Erin Janklow and I exploring the massive wreck, free-diving up to 17m. Erin even did her 18m Scuba certification here, and I just joined her without a tank. At one point she measured me at 17.6m. It's pretty cool to be able to free-dive as deep as some of the scuba-divers go! Check out the shot of me with a random scuba-diver lol.

This is the best diving I've ever done, and this is only a few of the amazing shots we got while down there. All photos taken while free-diving.

The U.S.A.T Liberty was a US Cargo ship, that served in WWI and WWII, torpedoed en route from Australia to the Philippines by a Japanese sub I-166 in January 1942.

This particular adventure was special for a few reasons.

- It is the coolest and most fun dive I've ever done.

- It is the first time I have had my free-diving measured in both depth and timing, which seems to sit about 55 seconds.

- I believe it is the deepest I've ever gone, at 17.6m

- It's the first time I've had my free diving photographed (thanks Erin Janklow!)

- It's the first time I've ever really been able to explore inside the guts of a shipwreck.

Free Diving is meditation.

Free Diving is control over mind and body.

Scuba Diving is about the ocean.

Free Diving is about yourself.