Erin's Mountain Dream World

2019 04 23 - Guided lucid dreaming with Erin

Last night while lying in my bed at 9pm Sydney Australia time, Erin while in Washington DC lead me in lucid dream through guided meditation over the phone.

Using Virtual Reality, I painted the first half of what I can remember, and made this mixed reality video.

Erin guided me to a grass field in the mountains, but a river. A place it sounded like she had visited before.

As she slowly described the world to me, it shaped itself around me. Constantly shaping and reshaping as she brought different elements to my attention.

The results felt like a mashup of two places, one of mine and the other of hers. A river among the mountains.

My world had a forest right up to the river. As Erin's world seeped more into mine, the grass field parted the forest and the river.

I began to swim in the river, like a dolphin with my feet together and diving fins on. The speed of the river would match my speed of swimming

Erin brought my attention to a bench in the field, where we rested. She guided me to think about nothing in particular, which she disappeared and I lied on the bench alone

Restless, I tried floating in the water to relax. As I found a comfortable position, I drifted to the shoreline. I was gently delivered to the sand and stones, the river gentle lapping against me. It slowly softening to a stop.

From here Erin tried to take us somewhere else, but I somehow found myself taking my own journey.

I found myself in a blocky world from minecraft. A grassy valley with Spruce Trees, somewhere I had been before.

Un-embodied, I floated over to find a tiny megalopolis, that rippled still water had just had a fishing line cast into its middle.

Erin jumped atop a cliff from the river mountain world

As she sat atop the cliff-face, she guided me to join her. Standing by my city world, perhaps absently.

As she guided me away from the city world to join her, I found myself deep under the sea. Until I arrived atop a giant cuttlefish. The same cuttlefish my friend Liam had caught earlier this week, and 5 of us shared for lunch.

I stood upon this cuttlefish, riding it.

Below is a 3D relcreation of the first half of this dream world.

Part 2 - come next

Old ruins of tunnels, the giant fig tree, and diving with a Wobegon Shark