Dream Diary

March 24 2020

Wanted chicken
Chicken nuggets
Found a ceaser salad
Oh it has chicken nuggets in it.
Ew, somehow more disappointed
Wished it into chicken strips, still gross and cheap.
Tried again, it turned into a live chicken
It's made a nest out of the salad
It's name is Stewart
We are friends, I'm patting it
It enjoys the patts and I'm enjoying the patting
It's time for Stewart to go
Falling through nothing
Found a bat
Teleporting through space
He's being mean
His name is Marshall
He wants me to know he is not mean
His is just 1000years old and lost track of his moral code
His gone
He is back! He is singing
He is the son of the vampire king
He is actually just a little kid, a teenager
He is pretty funny and cool. I like him
He can summon skeletons
They are playing instraments and games
He asked where Stewart is.
I call for Stewart but he doesn't come
Marshell says Stewart has changed. The old Stewart would come.
He is worries for Stewart
I pass on a message to Stewart in private
He can't come.
Marshall says he feels like he is intruding and leaves.

June 3 2021

Jungle. Zombie apocalypse
On train
With partner
In carriage with zombies
Convinced them we are zombie too.
Friends enter same carriage
Zombies start to clue on to our trick
We change carriages and survive
Lots of survivers
Zombies are coming though
Escaping train carriages until make the roof
Safe on roof
Train stopped
Fight off zombie waves
Get train started
Travelling through jungle on roof of moving train
Easy to keep zombies away, push off train
Make destination
Small becwh down
Girlfriend & friend starts acting weird
Maybe turning to zombie
Start backing away
Uncomfortable chase and denials sets in
Gf convinced it's not happening, but knows it is
Gf & f team up
F turns first, nearly
Bf turns up to distract her
He knows what's happening
Self sacrifice / plan
Me and gf
She still turning
I back into ocean
Gets closer to biting
To eating me
Wants to eat me
Fighting her off gently
No bite yet
But than I feel something.
The vrius
I already have it
I'm turning
I'm safe now
She won't eat me if I'm zombie
I stick finger in her mouth for saliva
Put it in my own mouth to speed up transition
I smile.
She smiles

Dream of end of book

March 2 2021

Plane Crash to save people from storm
Equipment damaged, try to survive storm with what I have
Rough the storm - very cold
Soccer game, Mark hudson (and maybe Tom) vs sister
11 vs 30
Game held all over, ending out front of home at train park.
We win
With Liam panning for gold
Originally hiking through what was cold wasteland alaska, now smmer and hikable down rivers
Find Gold
Fools Gold
Bits of gold in that
Hear end of story
He goes home to where his parents died
Gets family home off sheriff
Lives happily ever after

Nov 14 2020

I was sleeping on a bed of blueberry s
A mattress covered in blueberries
I was trying to wake up, but didn't want to leave bed
So I lay there with my eyes shut eating blueberries
Eventually I ran out of blueberries and got up
To find that the blueberries I planted in my backyard had started growing!
I ate my very first homegrown blueberries and it was wonderful
Than I was sitting at home in my back yard when shaun Simon and Jay came around
Shaun drove us to a secrete sure spot near coledale
When we arrived I realized I forgot my surfboard and only brought a skateboard
I told the others to go surfing without me
And got stuck in my wetsuit trying to put it on
Shaun laughed at me for being stuck half in my wetsuit.
And he took me home or get it off
There was a skate competition at home in my backyard
I made it just in time before my practice ended
I was enfoleedbin the street section
But I don't know street skating
I practiced what I did know on the coursse
It was more than I realized
Than I sought out judges to ask if my tricks counted as tricks
The first one said no
But he technically wasnt the judge
The judge he pointed me to said it was okay
Than I woke up

Creative healing.

Nov 4 2020

As I lay in late in comfort
Spiral away into the night
My brain starts following a path to dream land
Thoughts of recent events
Yet, potentially so impactful
Fuelling the next 8 hours of creative healing.

What do I want to think about as I go to bed?
What do I want to dream about?
Where do I want me creativity to come from?

Dreams inspired by my own diverse reality
Pulling distant thoughts and experiences into one

Sleep powers creativity
Dreaming melding memories
Repairing the brain

How do I feed it?
My thoughts and focus
Lucidity is one thing
But inspiration
Offerings of happiness

I want happy dreams
Flirtatious Fun
New experiences

I want to wake up energized
Ready to take on the day
Make the most of the sunlight
To be the best me
To lead life with love

Nov 4 2020

A castle
Forrest surrounded
Night time
Hiding with friends
Monsters searching

Dreamt dairy 20200711

Was with my close friend Jen. And some guy friend of hers.
We do a hike.
Full day hike, I've done it before. Maybe in a dream
In Aussie bush
Up hill
End at at lake, steep dirt car Park
Whole hike is like a steep fire trail
Jen drove us to next hike
Though suburbia
Fancy houses
Portola valley esc
Next hike is in neighborhood
Hike finishes, mix up of coms.
she drives off without me
I keep hiking through neighborhood
Lush, green, in a tight valley, fancy houses, nice cobblestone with moss, quaint
I get stuck at another location with a moped
I drive moped and try to convince to come back for me.
She agrees
I get off moped and walk part way back to hike.
I hike back to where I got on the moped
She isn't coming anymore
I need to hike back to moped
Doing circles
Can't get away
Found a iPhone, pick it up
Another lap of neighborhood
Accidentally kick a bucket of something on someone
Apologize in Spanish
Someone forgives me, not the person I hit
I walk faster
iPhone gets a call
It's security, they want their phone back
I stole it
I don't answer
I try throw it into trees and keep walking, fast
Need to find moped
People are looking at me.
Another lap
Lap point is security office, where I took phone from window
Hurry past coffee shop with bucket
Walking through park
Random aggressive wild homeless looking security is mad. He knows it me
I deny
He has no proof.
Threatens me
I take my keys out.
See Jen's car.
Red. Compact hatchback.
No Jen
My keys work
It must be her car.
Get in, drive away
Stall, but get away.
Security yelling behind me as i leave
Ring Jen, where is she?
She confirms it's not her car
I stole a car.
Try to findy moped
It's back the way I came
I need to back track.
They might catch me
Ditch car
Walking back, looking for moped
Wake up

Dream diary mountain town 20200714

Climbed a mountain with my cousin Keaton

Snowy volcano

Beautiful purple sunset at top

Small skying village

We split up to find a way down

We might know people

I find camp with friends from highschool

Liam ephraiins

Big guy boss agree to take us down

Keaton finds lodge owner by his friend. Available for weeks

We decide stay.

Purple scooter skiis on Keaton

Bikes and bike locks

Tayne lives up here

Scooter with Liam

Tell him we starting and hang out

We go to watch cartoons new lodge

Finding way back from car park

I know the way

Remember previous dream where liam was murdered

Tell him this dream

Lots of traffic

Crossing road with flat converter bridge to park

Big half tree has been slit down vertical middle

Was growing against building that was knocked down

Tree will die soon

Makes good photo

Man shooting arrows into park from tree.

Huge black arrows

Nearly hits us

I ask him to stop

He tells us go away

Shoots at us again.

I snap arrow

This goes on for 6 more arrows as we head on our way

Into alley from before

Noisemt complex city interestion . Look s like London

Dream Diary 20200712

Was in a crazy big expensive build.

There was a party

I didn't like it.

High society, I wanted to reveal against them

Did someone steal my phone?

No I found it.

They were disrespectful

It was underwater in a cave

I tricked them into thinking I was important

I was a spy

There were underwater dragons

Large monsters

Got away

The party is over

I must collect my things

VR headset, and bits and bobs

They called a spy to take me out

He arrives in a helicopter

Shooting at me

I am trapped on a table when he comes.

Can't retreat due to his gun fire

I run and jump out the window and grab onto the helicopter

He flys down into the valley tries to shake me off

I hold on

There is a women with him on his side

She has ideas

I manage to flip the helicopter

Destory the blades

I jump and land somewhere safe

Backyard of random suburbia

We are safe together

We are in target

We must find way back

Found exit

Convince guard we don't have anything


At train station

I know how to get back 'everyone follow me"

Climb stairs to station.

Just like Medellin

Need to get to

Station not on map

Backward two stops

Other side of tracks

Cross over bridge

Get helicopter back to mansion

Other spy is Dan Delocore

Women is his mum

She runs a business taking photos at parties

We get back, party is now nearly clean

Must get all our stuff

Make sure nothing is stolen

I'm too trusting

Erin is doing photo shoot, waves me over

She looks really good

I must find better clothes

I'm in wrinkly shirt

End up in nice hat and sheets

Check in mirror

I look good, but I shouldn't

I start making poses

I'm in front of camera

Poses feel both silly and great

Photographer directs me a bit

Avatar rules Dream :20200714

Traveling through dessert with sand bender

She thinks she has found something

Part of temple where upper is hidden

Stone bird beak enteenence

Stone in nothing but sand

Move the wave away

A lot sand

Eventually we find manhole

Start digging around it with hand

Find opening, deep dark

Group of 4

Don't want to leave anyone behind because we now have upper and he can't fit down there

Rachel Lint should stay behind with Water Bending Lady (who are both earth benders )

Digging and blow more around manhole

Making headway

Oh I'm wet

Man hole flips

We are all wet?

Everything around temple is now water

Swim to edge

Climb up knotted rope out of water

Rachel and tuff take time

I say to rush

They don't listen

Lots of tiny fish coming our way

Splashy and aggressive

Tuff playing around

Her and Rachel not out

I tell Rachel to rock bend a staircase

It's too small

I tell her to bend bigger one

Still not big enough

Rachel is safe out of water

Tuff gets nipped

"What was that?" She says uneasily


I can see the water is full do wildlife

Rachel and Tuff are running / wading

Finding high ground on other side

Fish, small eels, huge grass hoppers swimming the size of foxes, cranes

Grasshopper eat the bity fish

"Stay near the grasshopper" I tell them

They are friends because they eat out enemies

They aren't friends, but they aren't bad and the do help

But the real enemies are now coming

This isn't good.

Do we go into the underwater tneple?

What if we can't get back our and drown?

Will it be dark?

Is it certain death?