An inclusive world.

  • Equal Reality
  • Promote Community
  • Accessible Education & opportunities.

* I am actively make progress with Equal Reality full-time.

Scaling Human Potential

Meeting Basic Needs, and beyond

* Actively working in research and development

Work Capacity

* Actively working in research and development


Community, Networking and Relationships

* Actively working in research and development

Accessibility of Quality Education & Training

  • Education to keep up with the rate of change of the world.
  • Completely accessible education

* I have work history as a teacher, small business owner in education / training and in education technology development / entrepreneurship.

Truth & Transparency

Verification of Truth (for trust in)

  • press / mass communication
  • public claims & figures
  • the internet
  • science

Accessibility of Information

  • Transparency
    • Cooperation
    • Economics
    • PR
  • Understandable Information

Protection from manipulation

John Hatton, My grandfather, and Corruption Fighter, bringing about the largest arrest of corrupt police officers in the world.

Space Travel

Space exploration.

I want to go beyond our solar system

I want to live on another planet

I want to return to earth, and my people