From climbing mountains, to inside caves. I lead climb all over the world.

I free dive up to 18m

I enjoy climbing mountains all over the world, but particularly California

I enjoy exploring beautiful places, and pushing myself

I enjoy exploring places most people wont, and being able to stay calm exploring the mental boundaries that come with it .

I enjoy exploring the unique and usually inaccessible terrains and the thrill that comes with it.

*Wish I had photos of me on a surfboard

I enjoy the flow of surfing and the adrenaline that comes from connecting to the waves

I enjoy the flow of connecting to the board and the road, and using it as a tool to get around

I enjoy the adrenaline of being part of a well oiled machine, working seamless together in the face of tough conditions.

and rope swings

I enjoy overcoming the strong mental block of standing on an edge and not wanting to jump as well as the adrenaline that comes with it

I enjoy sports that require working with the ocean, a literal flow.


I enjoy the teamwork of soccer, being connected with a larger team and working hard for the team

Mountain Biking

I enjoy the flow that comes from connecting myself to the mechanical machine that is a mountain bike and using it to connect with the mountains


I enjoy the unique connection to a friend, lover or strange that comes with dancing and sharing a connection to music


I enjoy the teamwork of netball, being connected with a larger team and working hard for the team

I enjoy the state of focus, flow and reflexes games like beat-saber allow me to achieve and hone.






Be surfing and climbing at 100 and all my life.

Climb Half Dome