Making Remote Work

Looking for some positive news? I have plenty!

Did you know Isaac Newton invented calculus plus discovered gravity & the color of light while in self-isolation?

Well I am getting SO MUCH SHIT DONE. Self-lock-in, for-the-win! I am loving this. I made a list of all the stuff I am doing, I have so many wins I can barely keep track of them all. Hopefully they can inspire you to make the most of this situation too.

Every single link in this article is a page I have written in self-isolation.

I have been writing a LOT recently.

I think I have written over 100 articles, stories & pages in the last few weeks!?

I re-made an entire wiki on Equal Reality, and the diversity, inclusion & equality training we do with virtual reality.

It's a wiki about Equal Reality, our learning, accomplishments and more.

It details out team, our story, the training we have made, the case studies & research we have done, learning guides. SO MUCH!

There are 54 pages and articles I have put together here!

Yeah, I'm impressed to.

Most recently, I just put together a HUGE update on the last few month. Covering so much!

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Team Growth
  • Transparency & Communication Improvements
  • Technology Advances
  • New Products
  • Training Run
  • Hygiene & Safety
  • Public VR Learning Guides
  • Awards Received
  • JFF Labs 2020 Immersive Learning Technology Industry Scan
  • Recent Press

"This year we will be focusing on building sustainability and scale. Our team has grown to in preparation for this, and we are in the process of opening our communications externally to further support this.

Our production process have had a huge revamp, improving transparency, and quality, while reducing our costs and times. This has enabled us to make some significant technology improvements.

We have taken the learning from running training all over the globe, to reassess the market needs and design a new product line, to be more scalable and impactful. In the last few months we have run or built training for CUB, NTUC , Cornell , GSK , Booz Allen Hamilton, ABinBev, ITCILO in Italy, Singapore, UK, US, Chile, Australia and more. Our team has received international recognition as a leader in the industry with numerous awards, and press. We are starting to open source much of our award winning learning to keep pushing the industry forward."

Did you see we are one of the top 11 VR training companies in the WORLD!? Yeah, I put something together about that too

This is a little more than half of the writing I have done. I also have two more wikis I made that are private for technical work, and internal information.

It does not cover the project management, design, partnerships, infrastructure setup & more I have also been working on.

Dungeon Train VR

I'm making a procedural generated Virtual Reality game, inspired by adventure time. Its going awesome! Its called Dungeon Train VR, and you are on a train, that is a dungeon.

Does that make sense ? Probably not.

Is it awesome and do people love it? YES!

It currently has a rating of 4.76 / 5. Outstanding reviews, and has been featured by SideQuest, DevDiner & Itch.

So what have I done since self isolation?

Keep in mind, I did all of these AND wrote about them

Built Online Communities

  • Paul Sztjer and I have been working on using discord as a virtual co-working space.
  • I've been building a community around my game.
  • I've been planning and reinvesting attention in key areas of our Equal Reality community
My home office, where all the work happens


So I have been lucky enough to spend the last year travelling the world to places like Bali and Colombia where I haven't needed to cook much. It has been outstanding! But that is a story for another time.

However, been locked at home - I have been loving getting back into cooking.

Fruit & Veg delivery from the markets

I may have gotten paranoid, and washed with soap and water them as soon as I bought them home. Just looking at this is exciting.

Vindaloo-Chile Burger with home-made chips

I got a little creative and cooked up some onions & meant in vindaloo curry powder, than made it into a burger

Hummus & Vindaloo-Chile Burger

It was so good I had to do it again, but this time with hummus.

And I made be best scrambled eggs of my life! Sadly didn't exist long enough to be pictured.

OH, and than there is the brennans life wiki youre currently on

This is a MASSIVE wiki with hundreds of data entries on me.

Anyway, that is it for now. I know there is more, but I cant log everything. From the 5x5m I have spent the last week straight, I hope you all enjoy this time and are able to be as productive as possible!