Omnism: The belief that no religion is all truth, but that truth is found in them all

Except excluding Scientology.

I would say I'm open minded. But I believe nearly everyone thinks they are open minded, even though we are all blinded from our own unknown biases. So instead I'll say I'm curious and willing to explore.

I believe no-one truly has any more answers than anyone else when it comes to spirituality

Exploring consciousness through the subconscious.

What are dreams? I believe dreams are a glimpse into our subconscious.

Positivity and Intention

I believe positive thinking, and communication is powerful, effective, and measurable.

.I believe you attract what you give. At the simplest level from likes attracting

Religion & Beliefs

I am interested in learning all religions and interpretations of the world, universe and reality/ies.

Religions I have spent the most time around:

  • Buddhism
    • 1- Unit HSC level Studies of religion, focusing half on Buddhism.
    • 9 years practicing as a lay-person .
    • Travel & temple exploration
      • 5 months living in Thailand.
      • Working with the local Chinese Buddhism temple, and largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere
  • Christianity
    • Baptised 1993 (at 9 months old)
    • Grand mother and mothers side, Christian.
    • 10 years of scripture.
    • Australian Christmas & Easter (Australian Christmas and Easter is often associated more with family, than with religion and means different things to different people. It is common for non-Christian families to celebrate Christmas).
  • Judaism
    • Spent 2.5 years living among a small Jewish community.
  • Hippie(ism?)
  • Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime, Religion and Mythology
    • Australian History in School
    • Family involvement in support for aboriginal rights
    • Early personal Interest
  • Islam
    • 1- Unit HSC level Studies of religion, focusing half on Islam.
    • I spent a night on Gili Air, a Muslim island in Indonesia
  • Hindu
    • Living in Bali, Indonesia for 2 months.
    • Guided tour and meditation of Besakih Temple & the Dragon Temple
  • Positivism
    • "The Secret"


I do my mediation largely through sport and the flow of sport. I break my sport up into two times.

  • Sport that focuses on connecting with yourself
  • Sport that focuses on connected with others

Flow by connecting with others

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering" ~ Yoda

*In Australia more than 70,000 people (0.37%) declared themselves members of the Jedi order in the 2001 census