The world is the best its ever been, and getting better

I believe in the faces of all the seemingly terrible things happening around the world, despite this, everything is better right now than it has ever been.

I believe due to increased access to communication on global events, transparency has led us to see more of the rot in our world than ever before. This is a good thing.

The rot we see now, has existed in the past. Likely to an even greater degree. Transparency is exposing the negativity of this world, and the world is reacting to it. The clearer we can see the world for how it truly is, the more of this negativity and rot we will expose. This is a key step in fixing it, and is giving the world united direction.

Compassion has a greater impact on the human ability than anything else.

Openness & Trust is the most efficient and effective means of communication, and to a degree, a human right.

With the exponential grow of technology, comes the opportunity for the exponential grow of humanity. How can we grow together with technology in a way that only has positive impact on our humanity?


I believe belonging is key to meaning and purpose. Through community, we can understand how we can fit into the world and how we can contribute. I believe with the inevitable increased adoption of technology, everyone can be freed to chase true meaning and belonging in our lives.

I believe much of the world has been forced into a false sense through requirements of work and creating the means to live. True belonging can exist within this false belonging, but when are free of this false belonging, the quest for belonging will become critical for us to progress humanity.

Why are we here? Perhaps the final question we can answer as humanity.

I would say I'm open minded. But I believe nearly everyone thinks they are open minded, even though we are all blinded from our own unknown biases. So instead I'll say I'm curious and willing to explore.