Music Art

& Experiences

I can make some weird shit. Here is my art and experiences around music

An Augmented Reality App I made using Equal Reality's photogrammetry scans of myself and Rick, rigged and reanimated to dance to brittany spears.

*I cant not dance like this in real life*

A virtual reality painting of a dream : Cheese Cake Fairy. This time I wrote a song for it too.

Today after heading back from the office, I stopped at a shop to get a something sweet. Here in Thailand, food is much cheaper than Australia. This is awesome, and sometimes catches me off guard. Today I accidentally bought a cheesecake like thing. It was called a cheesecake, but I dont know if they translated it right. It was more a big ball of frozen blended coconut with a cake base, big enough to share with a few people. I was shocked with how big it was, and the waiters laughed at my reaction. They could tell I didn't realize how much I ordered. When I got home, I took a short rest and I think this event inspired a dream, which in turn inspired this song / Virtual Reality painting. Cheese Cake Fairy Time from dream to created to upload: ~1 hour. Lyrics and song written by me, made up as I recorded it. Painted and filmed by me, in Virtual Reality. 30min. Dream by me. "Cheese Cake" by Chiang Mai.

Adventure Time Intro Virtual Reality Painting, with Ukulele Extended Cover.

I recreated the adventure time introduction scene in virtual reality. Painted, played, sung and partly written by yours truly. So turn sound on!

Time spent painting: 70min

Time form idea to upload: 3 hours

3D Model:

An outer-space drum kit I created after work, wearing on my head a goats skull I painted in virtual reality.

The drums now have recording, and can be re-positioned. #virtualrealitymusic #tiltbrush #AmIAMusicanYet? #LearningDrumsDay2

I wonder if it is possible to teach myself the drums entirely via virtual reality drums I made myself?

Audio Art

For things that are not necessarily around music, but still audio

Tea(r)ism - A Virtual Reality Experience - by Naoko Wowsugi, Skylar Fein & Brennan Hatton

Participatory performance Tea(r)ism created a ritualistic safe space in which audience participated in a tea ceremony / group crying therapy. While they drink a native Hawaiian Mamaki medicinal detox tea, participants release emotions and negative energy by the act of crying.

Originally exhibited in the Ala Moana Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, during July 7-9, 2017 as part of Ae Kai: A Culture Lab on Convergence, presented by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. This video is a small glim

The Towers

Award Winning Interactive Music Video for Live Performances

More details coming soon, when I can dig them up


I made

I made