Experiential Music Technology

I would like to make an interactive music experience, either as a game, in VR or both.

Leader in VR

I have had a rich career in virtual reality over the last decade, including being head hunted to Silicon Valley when the industry was in its infancy to build technology valued at $300M. My experience has given me great insight into cutting edge technology and the industry.

Using my insight co-founded Equal Reality, where I am currently Chief Technology Officer. I have been internationally awarded and recognised as a leader in the Virtual Reality Industry, with over 70 publishing on TV, Radio and News Articles.

Virtual Reality makes emotionally powerful experiences

At Equal Reality we use Virtual Reality to engage emotions, and empathy. We to put people in the perspective of vulnerable groups to experience discrimination.

This is an example of what I have made to get an idea of the quality of content I can produce.

Watch video (Skip to 1:50seconds in)

More than 12 million players tuned in for Travis Scott's 'Fortnite' event

3D entertainment is augmenting shared music experience, making it accessible to the masses

This event was built by Epic Games, a large technology company of 100's of engineers, valued at $17B.

I build experiences with the same technology, with a team of 12 we can achieve comparable quality. Our team is incredible talented and world leading. What we can do with limited resources is impressive.

I have been thinking about something that mashes up Fortnite Travis Scott and Skillex Quest, but in VR